Been gone a while

Last Update: November 12, 2014

Hello all! I have not been on here very much for a while. I have been busy with school, work, and creating my site. It's been busy!

I have actually been struggling with my site for some time now and I think it may help for me to share so newer members can learn from the frustrations and realizations I have experienced. So, here goes.....

1. I started "monetizing" my blog. Never felt real good about the results but I kept working on it.

2. Quit writing as much content because I was just too busy with monetizing.

3. Got rid of most of the changes, went back to a simpler layout, and have begun writing content again. Quality content! I have only published one article today but have drafts I am working hard on and will be publishing as soon as they are complete. It's actually a series of twelve articles so I'm excited.

4. Speaking of excited...I no longer felt any excitement or passion for my site. None, zip, nada! Quitting almost entered my mind. However, it's back!!! After getting rid of all the extra baggage, I am again thrilled about my site!

So, my lesson learned after a long hard struggle is to not get swept up with monetizing your site. Yes, we want to make money but we have so many other things to concentrate on first. Quality content, networking, getting traffic numbers up, and learning. Most of all, learning! When I quit learning, my site went downhill! Be happy with your site and feel good about it. If you don't, there is a reason. Reflect on it and make the changes you need to make.

After saying all of this, I will try to be on here a little bit more but my focus is definitely going to be on learning and making my site what it needs to be before I worry about making any money from it. I still have product pages that I am not removing but I will not be working on those. I will be working on learning from the Bootcamp trainings and making the changes that make me feel good about my site. (You know, the ones Kyle and Carson recommend).

Thank you for reading and I will see you around soon.


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Kathy331 Premium
There you are Melanie, I wondered where you'd gone. :)
Good common sense tips, thank you. :)
mlshands Premium
Hiya Kathy! I've missed talking with you.
teacup Premium
Hi Melanie, great to have you back. You said some important things there. 1 when you quit learning, you are just winging it. That is never the way to go. 2. Even though it takes longer, quality content is the vehicle you need to take the time for. 3. Monetizing your site too early can keep you from ranking well in the search engines. I will add this in too. When you do monetize your site, make sure that it is relevant to your site's topics.

You are going to do very well here because you are doing the work and took the time to analyze what you were doing. Best wishes to you.

mlshands Premium
Thank you Glenda. I guess some of us (me) have to learn the hard way. You would think I would have grown out of that by now. I hope someone else can learn from my mistakes.
Funmine Premium
I understand you perfectly well, Melanie! The day-to-day struggle is somewhat inevitable. However, I have refused to allow the challenges define me.
Staying connected and engaged here has helped me a great deal.
mlshands Premium
Keep that sense of commitment and it will help you go far!
kleblanc13 Premium
I think we've all been there. There are lots of ups and downs in this industry and it's hard to stay motivated. But welcome back, we missed you!
mlshands Premium
I've missed you guys! You keep my head on straight and I think that's one reason I haven't been on here. Thought I knew best...smh...will I never learn?
HowardJaros Premium
It's easy to get frustrated after a while! Just push on, do what you can, even if it's only a few things a day, and don't worry about being on WAcebook. Set as much time aside that you can afford to and stick to it till it becomes a habit. You website is the reason you are here! Learn, apply, and Rock On!!
mlshands Premium
You are right! Thanks so much! I am learning to organize my time because I look at every little shiny thing there is out there!