3 Ways to Promote Your Brand

Last Update: July 31, 2017

You are unique and so is your brand!

Your brand conveys an authentic promise that you make to all your customers and potential customers. This promise has to be consistent and always deliver quality to your customers.

Today, the real way to be successful in business, is first you need to encourage your customers to become loyal to your brand. But it is easier said than done! In order for your promise to be effective, it must be memorable and clearly distinguishable. And you need to keep your message simple! It is the only way you will differ from every other promises your potential clients will come across.

Once you have established what your brand is going to be, you need to promote it everywhere you can. Talk to your friends about your new venture and expose them to your brand. Also use the following when promoting:

1) Use Social Media

A great way to put yourself out there is through social media sites where your customers are hanging out. It may be an influencer site like Instagram, or Facebook, or Pinterest.

Profiles are the first place that you can brand on social networks. They are personal snapshots of your likes and dislikes. Write a small paragraph about what you are working on and how it can help them. By interacting and writing worthwhile comments, people will start to get interested in what you do.

Remember that photos are a particularly powerful means to brand yourself, and they can help or hurt you. Use them wisely.

2) Have a website

Owning your own website is critical to branding online. It can be an e-commerce site or a blog, it doesn't matter. The one thing you want to make sure of is that you own the rights to the content of the site. Use Wordpress (dot) org to have full control of your site.

Be sure to pick a good domain name that is short (2-3 words is great) with no hyphens so people will remember you better. All your content for that niche should be on that site.

3) Establish an Email Campaign

Build your list as soon as possible by offering something of value to your customers in exchange for their email address. This will take your branding to a much more personal level. Here you can communicate with a targeted audience that is just waiting to hear from you.

The first place to brand within your emails is by way of automatic signatures. If you don't have one set up to point people to your website, to your weekly special, or to a personal page, you are missing a great opportunity to brand.

A Strategy that Works

Defining the identity of your brand will need much more than a fancy logo. It must instantly bring to mind what your business does and what your brand represents. A core principle that never fails is to focus on quality and convenience. The identity of your brand should always add value for your customers. Selling hype will get you nowhere.

Always remember that your aim is to keep a pleasant voice and a unique consistent identity while promoting your brand. Your customers will reward you for many years to come.

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