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You are unique and so is your brand!Your brand conveys an authentic promise that you make to all your customers and potential customers. This promise has to be consistent and always deliver quality to your customers.Today, the real way to be successful in business, is first you need to encourage your customers to become loyal to your brand. But it is easier said than done! In order for your promise to be effective, it must be memorable and clearly distinguishable. And you need to keep your mess
Effective digital marketing starts like this: find an audience, figure out what they need or want and then provide them with a solution. Today email is one of the best mediums to help you do just that. And connecting with them doesn't always start by selling them on a product. In fact, that isn’t at all where you want to start.1) First you want to build a relationship with your readers. You want them to get to know you. You want to help them out so they start to like and trust you.2) Pay
You have probably created an opt-in form on your site to gather emails. If you didn't yet, you should start one now!A good way to get your visitor's email is by giving away a free gift. A free report is a great way to start. You can create one quite easily by putting together information you find on the web in your niche. Or you can buy PLR articles by searching for 'your niche' + plr. Make sure you rewrite some of that info in your own words.I use Canva, free version, to write my report. There
Have you ever asked yourself what would be the perfect color match when designing your website? This free tool will not only give you complementary colors but also the ones that clash! And you also get the RGB color codes as well! I found this to be a really neat tool to have and play with! a great fun day!mj
March 03, 2017
If you'd like to improve your writing and write faster, I have found something for you while searching the web. I suggest you check this site: Looking forward to your new posts!Have a great day!mj
Building your list is one of the best thing to do to stay engaged with your customers. Though once you've got people on your list, you need to send them some good content. And this is where most people give in.To be able to find ideas can be challenging at best of times. I came across this free online generator which gave me some great ideas when searching for a topic: this helps you create some amazing content!Cheers!mj
I'm pleased to announce that I've made my first commission with CJ through my admireyourwatch site! And it is a pretty nice sum too for the person not only bought a luxury watch for him but also one for his wife/girlfriend!So what does this tell me? That all the hard work you put in does eventually pay off!And you know what? It works!!
For you business owners or future business owners...Have you ever wondered how you will create a profitable business? Have you struggled with putting a price tag on your services?You want to price your services fairly for you and for your clients. Knowing the value that you bring to your customers is a good place to start.I came across this book that I believe will help you: Breaking the Time Barrier - How to unlock your true earning potential.This is a free download and no need to sign up with
Many of you are new at blogging or writing web content so I want to suggest to you a few tricks and tools to make your blog posts a success.A Few TricksHave a person in mind when you write; you'll find it a lot easier to write in a conversational style, the way you would write to a friend.Write each post for that one keyword; that keyword should be in the title, the first paragraph, one other time somewhere, and in the last paragraph.Make short sentences and only three to four sentences per par
So here I am on Google's 1st-page for my keyword ranking website!A week ago I looked and I was on page 10 of Google... so this was a surprise and much faster than I expected!There's still a lot of content to write on my website, but I decided to publish it right away once I had a certain amount of words. I guess it was a good idea!Next I decided to add an affiliate site on my website so that I may be able to capture some clients doing their Christmas shopping. So far I got a number of clicks bu