Never let haters stop you

Last Update: August 03, 2018

Today I woke up to a comment full of hate that really made me upset when I read it. It's the most hateful comment I have received so far, here it is:

He (not showing his name for privacy reasons) calls me a scammer without having any real proof. If I was a scammer, perhaps I would be making more money. WA members who know what my site is and have read some of my posts know that I'm not a scam artist.

For your information, the "scam" he's talking about is this awesome platform we're on, but he doesn't have any real proof as I said. He's judging without giving me any logical argument.

And well, you can read the rest of the comment... who does he think he is? If he hates me this much, why did he spend his time on writing this harmful comment? Who knows if the real scammer is him and he's mad at me for having exposed that scam lol.

I never thought I would receive a comment like this but I guess you never know how much hate some people can have. I will try to take this comment with a pinch of salt because this person doesn't even know me personally. I guess I should not even give him a response, right?

I will remember the positive comments that come from people who have taken the time to read my posts and thank me. Comments like this:

Never let negative comments like the one I have received stop you from what you are doing. What people say and do says a lot about them, not you.

"Carrying hate in your heart will only block you from blessings."

"Hate is a terrible thing. It's a wasteful, stupid emotion. You can hate someone with all your heart, but it'll never do them a bit of harm. The only person it hurts is you. You can spend your days hating, letting it eat away at you, and the person you hate will go on living just the same. So, what's the point?"

"And if you've ever been held down before
I know you'll refuse to be held down anymore!
Don't you let nothing, nothing
Stand in your way!"

Continue putting in the effort and time just like you have been doing. You know your purpose so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have a profitable and great weekend! =)

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JeannineC Premium
He's still upset about losing his momma and is lashing out at anyone/anything he can find. He probably also fell for some other scams (sadly there are lots of people who sell garbage instead of good info), so he assumes all programs are the same.

Don't let the turkeys get you down. Soar with the eagles.
Ian840 Premium
Hello Miren, and I am so saddened that you have been attacked in such a disgusting manner. I am however heartened in way you have handled this situation - you are truly professional. Never let this sort of low life individual "get to you" - just delete and move on to what you are doing best. Kindest regards from Ian in Western Australia.
MikaelM Premium
probably from a person associated to the program you revealed trying to scare you and dis-encourage you. As long as you know you are being honest, just delete and forget it, even though I know this might be easier said than done:-)

But I have seen your website and it has some great content. Giving negative reviews (no matter how true they are) will however sometimes piss people off.

RoopeshG Premium
Hey Miren
I know that stuff like this can bother one.I know when I got a comment,it really got to me.
But then I realized that not everyone will take a liking to what we put out there.I thought of the many others that my work helps and uplifts,and it made that one comment seem insignificant.

Hope this helps.All the best.
ClaudiaHB Premium
I am so sorry, that you had to experience this - I thankfully have been lucky so far - the only hate I ever got, was from a distant relative, that I disconnected from - which only reflects on her, not me - but it is good to be aware of the possibility of trolls and other not so nice people that seem to populate the internet on occasion.

Stay safe, and keep on doing what you are doing - blessings!
BetterDays2C Premium
Hey Miren,
Where was this posted? I hope it wasn't from WA?? I know someone reacting like this is very upsetting. I have had similar things happen to me. At the time, it feels like a personal attack. But after you sit on it for awhile, you will see that it is not about you, it is about THEM! My Mom always said people that spew hateful things are really talking about themselves. And I have found this to be true in most outbursts -- not all, but most.

I know it is hard to brush it off, but you are doing the right thing. I also agree it will torment them more if you just don't answer. No reason to even have dialog with people like that. They are not reasonable or logical.

Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine. We are all here to support you. Take Care.
PhilBakes Premium
Wow. That is really nasty. I can only say that the “vomit” seems like a generic spewing that is practically devoid of meaning. There’s nothing personal regarding yourself or what you even wrote. It’s just unfortunate impersonal Internet hate. Somehow you just have delete it and to wash your hands. Trolls are everywhere. You have our sympathy.
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Dear Miren
I do love the pink feather after your name Pray for him then release him You are here to help and assist people accomplish their goals and dreams We at WA have the most amazing Community that I have not found any where else .How ever
thank you for sharing .
May 2018 be a Blessed year for you
Nqueen Premium
Oh my dear... this is very hideous! Something good you wrote about must have disorganised him, for him to take this so serious and personal. Maybe you just made him loose a good income source(scamming innocent souls)lol. Nonetheless i respect you for how you have chosen to ignore him. Makes you the bigger person.

Just so you know, your silence will aggravate him more than if you have responded.

This goes to show you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and keep ignoring the haters.

Way to go girl!
Maddy55 Premium
I am sure that comment was very shocking and disturbing when you first read it. I hope by now you realize that his statement is a reflection of himself not of anything you did. I recently made a rather long statement on my Facebook page about the haters that seem to congregate on Facebook.

I have found the vegan Facebookers and the dog rescues (mostly cross posters) are the most militant and unpleasant. The fanatical vegans constantly post horrible animal abuse videos and so do the dog rescues. The comments that follow are hate filled. When I step up to protest their videos and posts, their followers turn on me, calling me names. The last time this happened, I 'thanked' the haters for showing their faces so i could block them :)

Every time I am on Facebook, I have to unfriend and or block someone. Yesterday I found 5 that were trouble makers. I have 700 plus Facebook 'friends', so I going through my newsfeed takes awhile. I gave up after an hour of going through my newsfeed.

I have closed this account before and might do so again as I have not found it to be traffic driving for me. Quora is my choice these days.
Chin up Miren, know that you have many friends here :)
Trujunco Premium
Aside from this very personal affront,
-the context of what was being said in this comment is gibberish and to me most certainly laughable. This person has no self-worth and needs to let everyone know just how desperately they are holding onto life.

As for your balance, in pursuing your dreams and goals, I stand in admiration of your perspective...and look for every louse that would little darts of poison to be beneath your consideration

Hope you keep the site growing and Shine Brilliant, Miren

Respectfully David
frmcf Premium
Hi Miren, it is so sad that you were attacked by such a despicable person in such a distasteful manor. You showed the high quality of your character by just ignoring him and moving forward. When this sort of thing happens, and it does from time to time just be like a duck and let it roll off you. Thank you for your post. It is always good to be reminded that we should always respond to others as we like to be responded to. :-) Frank
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are doing right by not taking what he has said to heart.
When others act like that, they are unhappy with something in their own life.
The sad part is that it is probably something that you would be able to help them with.

Great post and thank you for sharing it with us.
Lee Ann
MikeMahaffey Premium
So welcome to the worldwide internet! Even though it's always an ego buster to get negative comments, the more people you get intouch with (which is the object of the game) the more idiots you invite in. You can't get around it, so you just have to buckle up and do what you advise = hang tuff!
PediaDar Premium
Hi Miren, sorry this happened to you too. I had the same kind of experience a couple months ago but with the difference I did not respond to that person since my rule is I do not waste my time with people who does not deserve it. Anyway that is how I choose to react but you have all my respect for how you did it, nice and polite ;)

HGraham018 Premium
Unfortunately, there are many people like this in the world! Though words maybe an invisible knife, they can cause quite the damage.

There's something about a stranger's cruelty that hurts in a way that is hard to let go. It's usually because what they say is so FAR from the truth, it leaves you speechless that they even came to their conclusions.

Then you feel the ugly cross streets of wanting to tell them how wrong they are (but that just leads to an argument), and just wanting to stay far away from them (then leaves you feeling defeated, or unsettled).

I have never understood people like this. How can they be so burstful? Because that is exactly what that message is. A quick stabbing explosion, for no good reason! And, it seems like when angry people finally unleash what's boiling inside, it's usually
1. on an innocent person
2. ranting and raving that ends in something no where
close to the original subject. (usually ends in insults to
personally attack, or be-little that innocent)

All we can do is be true to our selves! This angry person has NO CLUE who you are, or anything about you. Their immature behavior proves how naive they are.

You just remember that, and let all that crazy stay with him. Let it roll off your back!!

I hope I can help some by mentioning, I think the article the harsh comments were about, is the same one that I read and brought me here! So I thank you for that! You can't reach or help everyone, but you helped me!

Wishing you luck, and a MUCH better day!
CalvinC Premium
This is just a stupid guy who's probably doing the same thing as you, it's a rival I guess.

You will see a lot of them on the road, it's not a big deal.
However, I won't ignore him, reply to him in an elegant manner, without all the baking, only dogs bake because they're trained to, not humans. Then forgot it, don't reply to him anymore even he replies to you again.

I like to piss off people who think they're right and push them to be angry, people who lose control and don't know what to say get angry easily.

I was a very aggressive guy before since I've changed my attitude, I keep calm and feel so relax. Being angry consume a lot of energy, Lol.

Better keep that energy to do useful things.

Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for sharing.

This is how I look at it. Most negative comments that are left on websites like the one you have shown is nothing more than a reflection of the person leaving the comment and NOT on the website visited.

Because as you mentioned they have nothing to back up their comment. NOTHING.

Keep up the good work
NatNiches Premium
Hey there Miren - that's a really awful message. I have received a couple of negative messages in the past as well - but, in comparison to the positive feedback, they're insignificant and that's what you need to think about. I would take a guess that this is the owner of one of the scams you've been talking about. Once you start getting a lot of people visiting your site, you will have the odd negative comment. Take care and forget about this guy! x
newmarketpro Premium
Sorry that you have to go through this unnecessarily Miren. There is nothing I can say but ignore him and move on. There are not many people of this kind and your attention should be for the majority not on a few who do not contribute anything for you.

BREWSKI1973 Premium
It is kind of like when I'm listening to my local radio station. you always get that one ass hat who just wants to here himself, so he can feel better about his own miserable ass life.
But the truth of the matter is at 6 am tomorrow, he will be back again.
don't sweat the small things my friend, life is too short
MKearns Premium
I've been the object of ranters also iMiren. You have to go on and shrug them off A well-meaning flaw in WA lets them report you as spam and knock you out of the system. Kyle is on FB in case you do get locked out. Your loyal supporter Mike
5-qpq Premium
Hi, Miren,

A double wam, lol. Not too worry. It's just the nature of the business. By the end of the year, you will be a Pro at this. There will always be a few in the crowd that will try to throw you off course.

The Universe has your back, girl. Great things are in store. Keep being you which is writing great content.

Becky =)
Nikosth Premium
There are a number of "successful" marketers in the Make Money Online niche that used tp promote things like MOBE and Digital Aspire (both shut by the FTC) usually starting their reviews by saying don't trust reviews written by Wealthy Affiliate members.

Your review probably hurt his feelings (his wallet actually). There will always be haters. I've seen your website and it's very nice. Hate comments are pretty common in that niche. Although that guy is pretty special in so many ways.
Yumironi Premium
Sorry to hear this has happened. Unfortunately, this is part of life and there are always some who choose to spend time criticising others instead of creating an awesome life for themselves. Delete and move on to lead a life that is in line with your own beliefs and values.
craigbreeze Premium
Hi Miren,

Wow, what a pig, sorry but no other way to describe such a thing, I have seen many reviews, and to be honest they all cannot be true either for this site or others.

But at the end of the day, this is our workplace and sometimes we need to expect these things to happen, if I was a betting man, I would almost wager that said person has been a member here but not prepared to do what is required.

You keep your chin up my dear, a comment like that would make me that more determined to make it work.

Please do not let it stop you from chasing your dreams, they are worth the time and energy you put in.

All the best

ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Miren,

Disgusting comment, a modern way of trolling, that is what this is and you should not waste any time on it, trash it and continue doing the good things you do, the people you help. They know and see the true value in you.

There is a saying that goes: "Don't feed the trolls" as with that you give them all the attention they seek to troll you into eternity, for their own silly life to put their own waste on you.

You are better than that. Thank you for sharing and I wish you a fantastic good and funny weekend.

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
BrianCh Premium
Dear Miren, let me first say that you are a lady. Tragically you as a website owner who allows comments to your posts will be victim to the occasional barrage of filth that this delinquent has subjected you to.

It is horrible that you had to read this. Don't authorize this smut and have it smudge your site. You need to trash it completely and move forward. He/she is the degenerate. Not you.

Keep smiling.

Yumironi Premium
I agree!
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Miren- In your approve and reply, there is also trash and spam, YES- Yes and that's how easy it is to disperse of this ratbag for good.
He is one sad person and the only way to deal with people like this is to put in file 13 as I say and move back into the positive space here at WA and create a lot of successful memories as this will really annoy whoever doesn't believe in WA
Let it go as it doesn't deserve any type of energy at all

HeidiY Premium
What a hateful, disgusting comment. Who the *$&#( does he think he is. And yes I say he due to the last comment, which was absolutely the last straw for me.

I am so sorry you had to be the bearer of this Miren.

I like the saying when you point a finger at some one there are three fingers pointing back at you. Quite obviously he is the degenerate.

Delete it and try to delete it from your mind. You are better, stronger and more worthy than that little #&$*@.
Mariion Premium
I think he is putting so much effort in his writing because he has so much hate for himself. He just tries so find someone to respond to it, so he can spill out even more.
You are in a nice helpfull community, so stick to us, turn your back to him and don't care. You and we, your fans!, know that it is not true.
HuyNLe1989 Premium
Thats a great post Miren, there are going to be plenty of people that hate on the way. Might even come from people close to us but we just have to push on.

I think the thing with me is trying to not get worked up and respond unprofessionally.
Miren Premium
Glad to hear that you liked this post =)
In fact, I remember some months ago I received some comments from other trolls calling me a scammer, but they were shorter than this one.
You're right, there are going to be many haters and doubters, but we can't let them stop us :)
1signbanner Premium

it can get quite upsetting when these negative experiences come your way. I too, get bothered and it can ruin my day. I must be honest with myself and you.

The worst thing that I do to myself is that I get all worked up, thinking, "Hey I'm not that kind of person! I'm a nice person! I hate it when someone calls me something that I'm not!"

As I gone through many of these experiences and as I got older, I learned that people are entitled to their own opinion of me. When I got that epiphany a 60-ton weight lifted off of me.

I know who I am (confident yet humble) and no one can take that away from me.

The guy/gal who wrote that is sharing their own experience. You know who you are and just accept that.

When someone is jealous, they have a problem. NOT YOU!
Enjoy the thought you got them pissed to say what they say.

Do this Miren, when they write to you again that way, tell them,

"Thank you soo very much Alex, you are right! I hope to hear from you again! Take care and God Bless You!"



This will make you things happen, you will feel good about yourself
and you made Alex( name I made up) confused.

They'll try to "attack" you more but their mind will get less and less angry. lols! Pretty soon Miren you won't hear from them again.

What you used is AIKIDO. You worked his attack and strengthened it which will weaken it. I know I'm confusing but please think about it.


Have a great day my dear friend.
Life is too short to get pissed.

michaelvgATN Premium
i would have just ignored it, what a doosh!
bryonbrewer Premium
He is probably the owner of the scam you reviewed. I've reviewed a few scams and then been hated on by the owner. You can usually tell because they leave multiple comments from different personas, but always the same IP address.
Miren Premium
Hi Dom,

I thought about that too. He might be the owner of the scam I exposed. I wasn't aware of the IP address thing, thanks for telling me =)
AffFranE82 Premium
Hi, wow!

He took time out of his life to make a stupid comment that didn't even affect you. The truth is if it is a scam just close the site why even wate time typing? This guy had nothing better to do with his time, hope he had no effect on you. Have a blessed day.

Miren Premium
I guess he thought it would affect me or maybe he hoped I would stop exposing scams, but not going to stop =)
I receive more positive comments so I must be doing something right lol

Have a great day you too =)
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Miren, What appalling things for a person to write. It shows his character. I do hope you aren't hurt by this. It is unacceptable.
You are so brave to review the various options out there and there are a number of people ready and willing to scam people out of their hard earned money.
Blessings on you for your bravery and honesty.
Miren Premium
Exactly, that comment said more about him than about me. I got upset the first time I read it, but now I'm ok.
Maybe he was the person who created the scam I exposed and that's why he got mad, who knows lol.

Thank you so much, best wishes =)
herinnelson Premium
Hi Miren and thank you for this necessary post, my dear! I know it must have been difficult, yet cleansing to write. Looking all around us in the world, we see hate, violence and extreme acts of each. WHY!? The haters need to fuel their fire. However, if we keep spreading love, hopefully someday it will overtake the hate. Good always prevails over evil!

Erin :)!
Miren Premium
You're so welcome! You're right, we can only spread love and not let hate consume us.
I don't know if you've listened to a song called "Ngiculela" by Stevie Wonder. I listen to it everyday because I love these lyrics:
"Let's all sing someday sweet love will reign
Throughout this world of ours
Let's start singing
Of love from our hearts"
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Miren,

This is definitely not a nice way to start a day, I fully agree and I also would be upset if it happened to me.
You have 2 options, or delete or write a polite little answer back to this person.
I am sorry to read your hateful opinion of me but as it is obvious you have not read my post and neither know me the only thing I can say is I pity you.
It is probably best to let a couple of days pass so you have time to cool down.
I hope you will have a nice weekend.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Miren Premium
Thank you Taetske for your answer, I'm actually thinking of modifying the comment so that it looks positive lol.
What city do you live in? In less than two weeks I'm going to the south of Spain =)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Miren,

I live between Malaga and Torremolinos in Alhaurin de la Torre, 8km inland.
You are welcome to give me a ring on 952410820, best after 15.00

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
buffetearns Premium
When we do our best to live with honesty and integrity, we can live with a clear conscience.

Just do your stuff in the most decent way you can and ignore the others.

You have probably notified WA of the comments?

Comments like the one above aren’t necessary and a little disturbing but there is so much bla bla bla out there!

We all have so much going on with so many frustrations, some people may snap at some point.

Move on and do your thing. Keep your cool!

Miren Premium
Hi Wayne,

You are right, you can sleep well at night knowing that your intentions are genuine.

No, I haven't notified WA of the comments because these comments are not from WA members. I got the comments organically.

Yeah, I understand we can snap at some point, but it's not ok to bring other people down to feel better.

Anyway, I'll try to forget about that comment. Have a great day :)
buffetearns Premium
Time to move forward!

Well done!

Miren Premium
Right =)
laurenjean Premium
Shoo, Miren, I would have been devestated to receive a comment like this. It's verbal abuse and completely out of line.
Well done for taking the higher ground. Personally, I wouldn't have approved it or engaged with the commenter by replying. I don't want that kind of energy on any of my sites.
Miren Premium
It's normal, anyone who has good intentions would feel like that... I usually reply to all comments even the ones that are not that positive, but some of them actually constructive so I also reply to them.
But this one has nothing constructive so I don't think I'll approve it because I don't want that toxic energy on my site, just like you said.
Don't let it get to you. That guy obviously has a problem.
Miren Premium
Yeah, I'm even sorry about him...
Karin13 Premium
I commend you for taking the high ground on this. What a horrible thing to say/write to someone! I think I would be mortified if I ever received a comment like that. Hold your head high, you know you are doing good!

Best wishes,
Miren Premium
It's easy to feel sad with comments like that, but there are people just like that, who have no empathy or consideration...
The good comments are the ones that keep me going.

Thank you Karin, best wishes to you too =)