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Have you seen the update? If yes, you can skip this post. I've just noticed the update last night so I thought I share it. All In SEO Update You Need To SeeHi WA'ers! While most of you are celebrating your New Year, (mine's already ended) I'm sitting in front of my computer editing some of my blog posts I noticed that there are plugins that need to be updated, so I did. One of those plugins is the ALL IN ONE SEO. After updating, I noticed that a new AIO SEO side bar is added. And it looks like
December 03, 2020
Hi peeps!One of my newest task I assigned to myself as WA member starting from now on is to share my accomplishments in the platform or in my website. Big or small, I'm gonna share it 😊.So, after being active for 2 days - answering questions, published a blog, commented on few blog posts - I was able to regain my rank 😎.And lastly, I'd like to thank the members who spent time giving me words of encouragement after I posted this blog yesterday.Looking on the Brighter Side of Losi
*Note before you proceed, this blog post is kind of personal. Please bear with me I just needed to write.* Hi awesome WA'ers! I seldom blog in the platform because of several reasons and one of them is lack of time. If, I would have an extra I prefer to spent it working on my website.But, today and forward will be an exemption, because...I lost my job!! 😢It's really frustrating. I didn't believe that my job would get affected by Covid because we (S.Korea) already surpassed the critical
August 31, 2020
Hi fabulous WA'ers!So, this morning at my time, I raised a question about other pages here in WA that are not secured. And thanks for those of you who replied.You can find it here : is just a follow up post to let you know that I already submitted a ticket to SiteSupport and they responded as well.Here is what they told me :I just thought that everybody deserve to know ab
July 22, 2020
Hi WA'ers!Hope y'all doing good and safe.I just want to share my itsy bitsy tiny happiness.I somewhat abandoned my first website, the last time I touched it was December last year. I got stuck and to be honest I didn't have any idea on how to move forward. But, now, I've finally figured out what to do, I'm editing my previous blog posts and went to Google to search my keyword...And I found my article is on page 1 and it's on 5th place!!😊 Though in Jaaxy it showed that I'm on the 6th pla
May 05, 2020
Hi everyone, I just want to share my itsy bitsy tiny achievement.I just want to find out how are my new posts on my new site is going. So I head to Jaaxy and found out that one of my blog post rank #2 -- it was in fact in #1 (sad). Probably because of the changes recently in Google as what Kyle mentioned in his post.I noticed that I ranked from one of the tags I used and not with the main keyword.So it is true that using the right keywords and tags helps your post rank.If you're asking why I di
4 Things To Do To Rank Your Fresh Article In GoogleThis post is about my fresh article that's already in Google Search Engine Result Pages after 22 hrs of publishing it.This just surprised me. I've been creating and publishing post for some time now but this is first to me. So I thought I would share and I wish newbies will find this post helpful.On some of Jay's webinar, he shows us "live" on how he creates a post, publish, and BAM! it's right on Google! I found it really amazing 😲. Li
December 25, 2019
Hi WA'ers!I don't usually blog here in WA and this is my second Christmas. Yep... been here for quite a while. I'm a slow moving member of WA-- and thought of quitting few months ago, but, decided not to. And give it another try.So.. Yeah, I'm still here, trying to restart over and be BFF with my site again.Anyway, I'I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May we all reach the success we're all aiming for!!
November 27, 2018
I'm currently busy writing a post, signing up for clickbank-- researching on how to connect Payoneer to clickbank...Then all of a sudden... I got this notice :I will be honest-- I received 2 warnings three weeks ago. I am new to this, and what I don't understand is I've been sharing my posts for months now, and just recently they sent me a warning.So the moment I got the first one, I took rest on posting on other communities.Then after a week I posted the Black Friday-- immediately I got warnin
November 24, 2018
I joined Wealthy Affiliate last July and went premium after a month. Established my website and learned a lot from the training, live webinars and from the community.But I think it's a struggle to keep up with the billing and I decided to... take the Black Friday Sale and went YEARLY!!So I quit from monthly and went to Yearly Membership!