G+ suspension

Last Update: November 27, 2018

I'm currently busy writing a post, signing up for clickbank-- researching on how to connect Payoneer to clickbank...

Then all of a sudden... I got this notice :

I will be honest-- I received 2 warnings three weeks ago. I am new to this, and what I don't understand is I've been sharing my posts for months now, and just recently they sent me a warning.

So the moment I got the first one, I took rest on posting on other communities.

Then after a week I posted the Black Friday-- immediately I got warning. With this incident-- I was kind of admitting the consequence because, on my photo, there's Wealthy Affiliate on it.

But NO affiliate links at all. They were just LINKS LEADING TO MY BLOG POST.

One link per post.

Then, this afternoon, I posted a quote. and 5 hours-- I got an email, it says it's WARNING, but when I checked... that (pic above) notice came out.

Another thing that I don't understand is-- there are others, like a lot of them... sharing their affiliate links and stuff! But... ugh

I read a post here in WA just recently, and her blog title was something like "Google Plus Hates Wealthy Affiliate". Now, I'm thinking this could be true.

Can I get any help? even an advice?

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MKearns Premium
It's a rocky road. G+'s problems become your problems with turndowns and disappointments. My advice is to look for alternatives to G+and keep trying again with them as well!
MinaKim Premium
Well, yeah I think that's what I'm going to do. Recover my profile, but I'll put it aside and concentrate on other SM.

Thanks Michael
NickSkellern Premium
I've been a huge fan of Google+ over the last four years but I too started to run into issues lately.

Google+ for consumers will be closed in August 2019 and I already see communities and individuals moving away quickly.

Maybe time to find another SM platform to invests your time and effort in. I'm not an expert in this field, so maybe others can advise on a way forward.

Doesn't seem right to invest your time in a platform that will close in 10 months.

All the best
MinaKim Premium
Oh.. the shutting down is really happening, huh?
This a good insight you gave me Nick.

Actually I don't get traffic from G+ to be honest--
But I wanted to keep on trying to see the what will happen.

So I think what I'm gonna do is--
recover my profile, and let it sit there.

Thanks again Nick!
kiliwia62 Premium
Not sure if I can be of any help but I like to say that I am too had received a warning because I did post my review (with a Black Friday banner inside the post) on Google+.

I should have known better since I am at WA for the last 4 years that Google+, as well as Pinterest, really don't like affiliate links.
Not sure, though, if it has to do with WA, but I know that it has to do with giving protection of scams.

Sorry to hear they have suspended your account but you should get in contact with them and ask them to reverse their decision at least it shows that you care and not "just" another spam account.

Wishing you all the best and don't give up.

MinaKim Premium
Sylvia, that's a good one. Keeping a clean account.

Perhaps after this, I would put it aside for a bit.

Thanks again! The path going to success is not easy indeed!
herinnelson Premium
Yes, Mina! You have to really walk on pins and needles around Google+! I have put it aside and delved into Pinterest. I have a better following there and traffic is always expanding. Have you emailed Google+ support back? I never did get the hang of it and got several warnings with each of my posts, too. Just be careful not to post directly with affiliate links..or affiliate photos. Hadn't thought about the PHOTOS being spam.
MinaKim Premium
Thanks Erin!
To be honest-- I don't get much from G+ really.
No, I haven't try to contact them... still searching on what to do, and reading WA blog related to this.

After reading your pinterest post and Montana's, I'm trying to focus on Pinterest too.

Now, I'm thinking if I'll just let it sit there for a while. And focus more on Pinterest.
davehayes Premium
I think all of us at some stage have had G+ notices, though I have to say I have not had a suspension notice.

That said, I stopped sharing to G+ a while ago and when I was thinking of getting going with it again, found it was closing in 18 months as of October this year, so It seemed pointless sharing anything there and so I focused on other media I have had for years and used with no problem

Not sure that helps with your issue, but its the advice I would give