Why doesn't a spider stick to its own web.

Last Update: October 14, 2013

I was outside this morning and there was an abundance of lovely spiders webs across my trees. I was staring at them and watching the little guys working away and yep, I thought of all of us.

I got to thinking about why the spider doesnt ever get caught in his own web and its because he lays many types of threads and only one has the 'gluey' drops on, the spider knows this and can avoid it as he rushes around. Sometimes I feel we dont know where we put our glue and we get stuck.

Building the web is very much like what we are doing here at Wealthy affiliates. The spider begins by putting a thread out there on a breeze and waits for it to snag and he can feel tension. This is known as a 'bridge' thread, from there he lets out more frame threads to begin the construction.

I feel this is akin to us, joining up, taking the plunge and beginning WA. We send out our feelers and do our research and meet a few key folk. Maybe Kyle or Carson or @Rich or Tommy or maybe even me, someone who helped you in getting some tension on those initial forays into the IM world.

A spider then begins to build the web. You will note in a web that there are from 4 to maybe 20 or 30 'spokes' this is main structure of the web and I think this is likened to us starting out. These are known as radius threads.

We may have radius threads named, learning Wordpress, getting a domain, building the site, social marketing, writing skills and becoming premium. There are different spokes to every web and every spider. These are the key 'threads' that hold it all together.

Once we have accomplished the radii then we start 'as does the spider' to fill inbetwen the spokes with the 'auxiliary spiral' thread. this is the sticky thread that is coated with glue.

Our auxiliary spiral starts at the center, that is you and your spiral will be the training that holds the structure together and will catch the prey. This spiral is the minutiae that we must learn, the intricacies of wordpress, e-mail, G+ and pinterest, learning to write good content. interacting on LiveChat and getting involved in the classrooms, starting Bootcamp and doing the certification classes.. There are many many things to learn as you know.

Once the web is built we can step off and live at the end of our 'anchor' thread waiting for a catch.

As things don't work and we find things that do we can repair the holes in our web with new thread.

So the moral of this story is to construct a strong web, make sure your bridge, frame and radius threads are solid and constantly be working that sticky spiral thread to catch your referrals and buyers.

Please don't eat your referrals however. be sure to talk to them, help them and encourage them to learn the knowledge to begin building their own WA webs.

....and if you get stuck in your own web then call for help, we are all just a tree or a bush away...

God Bless


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Kav Premium
Great analogy. And is it true that the spider web is stronger than steel?
MikeyB Premium
yes and you can be too....just follow all the training and you catch something I promise
egTERRY Premium
What a wonderful analogy.....I get it and that is why I have promised myself to take my time and simply keep going even when I feel as if I don't know what I an doing.....nice one MikeyB
MikeyB Premium
cheers hypno.....glad you liked it
Teflon Premium
Wonderful analogy. Well thought out and constructed. Poetical in a sense. Glad to have received this MikeyB.
MikeyB Premium
Thank you for reading
pcook410 Premium
Great analogy, MikeyB. I enjoyed the viewpoint of the spider.

MikeyB Premium
Love those little guys
Lee Gamelin Premium
What a great example! ~Lee
MikeyB Premium
well I love spiders, my testimony to them LOL