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“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Its a good quote and one in which I firmly believe. Goals are those little beasts that we all know and maybe love, maybe hate but we know about them but very few of us actually tend to them. There are many quotes about arrows flying to distant wrong targets, ladders up wrong walls and constantly swimming upstream, there are sayi
OK, so here I am back for the 3rd time and this time it's for real and I will tell you why. I first joined in about 2012 and was going very well and even got my first book published in Nov of 2013, however and this is a big however and maybe take heed rookies!!!! I got too complex and had about 3 products 2 websites, blogs and training and the lot and I hit an overload wall at 85 mph and my head exploded and loads of plug-ins and themes spilled out in the street.FF to maybe late 2014 and I trie
May 22, 2015 I was writing and working on the new site today I was reviewing my old blogs from 2013 and I thought this one would help you all again as it refreshed me this morning.I hope you enjoy and happy web buildingMike
May 14, 2015
So we celebrated the birth of a new venture, a new life-style last night with a nice bottle of bubbles, May 13th 2015 was a big day. I have been off WA for a couple of years now and I have been thinking for that much time about this new project. Last time while I was here I did it all, did the training and got to Rank 12 I think and spent 6 hrs a day here..fantastic but 'poof' burnout.but then......something miraculous happened to me, I won't go into here but will on the new web site, a divine e
April 20, 2015
So excited and hello to everyone old and new. Its been a couple of years off but now it's time to hit this again anew, refreshed and with a new path. So much has happened since I was last here and i look forward to talking to you all privately and through Blog. Hello to all my old friends here, you know who you are. Must go bake now but will be here later...Charged, excited and busting to get going again.. Namaste Dr Mike
Just a quick one but I think it's good to share results. I don't know if you remember or quite possibly not (how narcissistic of me) that I wrote a blog a while ago about 'why doesn't a spider get caught in his own web' referring to building our network here at WA WELL LOOK!!! Page 1 listing number 5. I share this only because for you new guys.....This stuff is starting to work and now the blogs just need to get more laser focused and directed at target audiences. I never wrote this blog
I was surfing around today promoting my book and generally have a good old look at 'what's out there' and I came across this visual which I thought could be handy for all of us when building our social platforms. Now, I know that we are told not to spend 'too' much time with the social platforming but with my book it has become vital that I extend my web and my hooks across the seven seas. I am also using this blog to play with a few image techniques so bear with me. I am not as good as BIS,
November 13, 2013
Hi all So it's been 4 months almost to the day and I got to thinking about whats happened so far and I have to say that apart from hitting some walls, things have been good and Christmas is coming. For all of you newbies that ask about money I would say, hang in there and keep working at this. Since July 8th I have now made a toatl of £510 pounds and so thats over £100 a month so far and this is with the last month almost being non-existent on WA due to working on the recently published book
October 24, 2013
Hi all you lovelies out there in WA land. I wanted to share something with you that I am increasingly finding difficult in this modern technological world and maybe a thought process around it. When I began WA some 4 months ago I really was the quintessential 'newbie' I had been a dentist all my life, yes smart enough maybe, but only in medicine and not in the technical world. I could provide surgery and crowns and fillings but could I save something in a PDF, absolutely not. We are often only
October 20, 2013
I would like to extend a warm and very heartfelt thank you to Kyle and Carson and all the members of WA for my new and increasing knowledgeof this business Why? Following the release of my first book on Amazon I wanted to tie it all up in a media platform and create a brand. Now 6 months ago i would not have known what this even meant, actually about 4 months age. For all you newbies, look at this and see where you are headed. On Friday of this week I had a book published and by Sunday, 2 days