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Last Update: October 24, 2017

I just found out I missed putting meta descriptions on 5 of my blog posts. I know better than this. We have to take our time and make sure we take every precaution so we do not forget things. Granted, Site Content is great, but we can’t just write and then just publish to our sites.

Another thing, we have to do our research before installing plugins. I installed one to automatically post to my social media. It only posted to my home page and I had to share. What if I had set up the scheduler and never checked it. I am just glad I didn’t pay for it.

Another thing, we have to live our lives. After fixing these problems I am just going to relax until tomorrow. No midnight oil burning tonight.

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Memorylaneuk Premium
Okay, I'm confused again, nothing new there! It was, is my understanding that the meta description was automatically filled in for us with the SEO that WA provides for us from our first paragraph of post.Have I Listened or read wrong again?
With Grace and Gratitude
ShuiHyen Premium
Karen, you’re right meta description is automatically updated once you published it. For safety purpose and perform double check on the snippet. But for me, I rewrite the meta description again to make it more appealing with CTA. Remember to include your keyword in the meta description and limit to 150 words.

Memorylaneuk Premium
Thank you.
Ibhar Premium
it is best that you make your meta description because you can make it more atractive in the search engine, it is the first thing your audience will read
robin Premium
You have listened & read it correctly @Memorylaneuk! As per @ShueHyen mentioned below
mikewood1975 Premium
If it just fills it out itself there will be a half sentence and not be what your page is about.
robin Premium
Ah! Yes correct - I remember that now when I was doing one of my pages on a new site -
Thanks @mikewood1975
Praba25 Premium
Yoast Seo will warn you if you do not write meta descriptions.
mickeyb123 Premium
Do things, double check them and then calling it a night is the best way to handle all of the many things life and success throw our way.
PatsyC Premium
It's always good to double check and make it a habit. Otherwise we end up not knowing if things are done properly, or working the way they should be.

I have found some big problems by checking, and it may not be on our part some of the time. Glitches happen, for example when WordPress gets an links and banners get messed up!

I'm at the point where I don't want to update WP next time.

As for taking a break and relaxing, today I took off at 9:00 am and returned just before 7:00 pm on purpose!
MKearns Premium
Content is only part of the picture Mike!