Feeling good about myself

Last Update: November 12, 2017

I am feeling good about myself. I have got a whole lot done this week, and this is my busiest week of the month at work. I usually do not get to do much on my websites during the first half of every month, but I did this week.

I was able to write 4 really good blog posts (I think anyhow). I usually do not have the time but I have found time this week.

I have not deprived my children or wife this week either. I will not do this for the sake of my websites.

I did buy a bluetooth keyboard for my Ipad. This helps tremendously writing blog posts, I can write them while spending time in the living room with the family instead of in my office.

I hope everybody is doing well.


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DDrees Premium
You’re going to love the IPad keyboard. I can’t imagine not having it and I find that it keeps me productive wherever I am. In fact, I’m using it to type this!

Great job on time management!
natekidd Premium
Great production and time management this week. Looks like you are getting into a rhythm.
Fmarabate Premium
Great time management, Mike. Keep up the great job.

This is something I am still working on myself.
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Mike,
Congratulate you on being an effective life juggler. Thank you for sharing. In time, you can sport your feat for life reality coaching.
Keep up good work and I can not wait to see your days of monetizing your passion.

Best to success,

NickV1 Premium
Great job, keep it up.