The Day has Finally Come. We Hit 1K Monthly Visitors!

Last Update: Apr 11, 2018

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DISCLAIMER** This is not that much of a success post because some people drive more PER DAY than this blog drives per month but it's a small success for me, and one I have been striving towards.

Well folks, the day has finally arrived and when I logged into my Analytics account, I could see that PhysiqueAuthorityhas finally hit 1K monthly visitors.

As a matter of fact, I knew that this would happen yesterday already because we were only 17 or so viewers shy of that!

Key statistics:

  • 1 Writer on the website (me)
  • 10 (almost 11) months to get this far
  • 85 blog posts/pages
  • 1 Single website

The below pics are some snapshots of key Analytics data.

  • 1K Visitors:

  • Daily Viewership (beginning of time [May 2017] to today):

  • Monthly Viewership (beginning of time [May 2017] to today):

  • More than 85% of my traffic is from organic search (since about Mid-December):

Let's go over these.

  • I first began my website around May 4th, 2017 as a free member
  • Went Premium about 3-4 days later
  • Published my first blog post that same month
  • Wrote about 5-8 posts per month for the first few months
  • Went through a design crisis around October/November 2017 and published barely anything
  • Suddenly in December saw a spike in traffic
  • Traffic has been growing steadily now all the way up to that illusive 1K per month as of today, March 25, 2018!

Thank you WA, Kyle, Carson and fellow WA members for making this all possible.

With 1K visitors per month, what are my earnings?

To be honest with you, ZERO. I think all in all I have made just shy of around $200 since starting my journey last year in May 2017, and I haven't made a single dime in the last month but the most important thing is gaining more traffic.

Please also stay tuned for an in-depth training I will be doing on how to target keywords that target people AT THE END of the sales cycle - people that probably have their credit cards out and ready to buy!

Thank you everyone.

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Congratulations Mike!
I'm working towards getting traffic so my focus is on writing more valuable content.

Conversions will come later.

Awesome! Now you're ready to pull them in now! Best to
Your success!

Congratulations, Mike

I am happy for your success Mike:) One more story where persistence and consistency are rewarded!

Yay! I am so glad to hear that your hard work is paying off. When I was reading through some of your blog posts on WA, I visited your website and it looked fantastic to me, especially the layout of the posts and the images. This is really motivational. Keep it up!

Congratulations. Awesome news. Thanks for sharing, Michael.

I actually really like your approach here Michael, traffic first, figure out conversions after. The problem that most have is the opposite. They try to figure out what is the best way to convert their audience before they actually have one.

So be proud of your 1K uniques per month and the fact that you are starting to penetrate the search engines from rankings. That is 70% of the battle and now that you are getting traffic, you can start to really focus on refining your content for conversions.

I recommend that you start with your top traffic pages as you will have enough traffic where you can run tests and make changes and see the results from that particular test (then improve).

And of course, if you ever need a hand with any of this i will be more than happy to help you out. :)

Hey Kyle,

Yes absolutely. I initially kind of "hummed and hawed" about how I am getting semi-decent traffic but no conversions and that "my time was wasted"...

... but now that I think back, I learned HOW to drive traffic to a website - and now more "conversion friendly" traffic can easily be driven there.

What you have mentioned above with the top traffic pages I have actually started doing, and have seen some indications of how people behave.

And of course, it would always be much appreciated to get some constructive feedback on how to improve things! I am constantly reading tons and tons of other tutorials and lessons on how to drive more traffic, improve rankings and catch people "much deeper into the buying cycle".

Anything you can point out feel free to do so! Thanks Kyle and everyone else.

Congrats. Thanks for sharing this.

~Mark :)

Hey Mark, thanks so much!


I bet those people with 1000 per day started out with fewer than 1000 a month.


Yes absolument! Thank you everyone.


Thank you Eden :)

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