How Time Flies- 10 Months In And A Word For The Beginners!

Last Update: December 20, 2018

Hello everyone ! I hope you are all doing well and having a great day, month, and year!

Are you ready for one of my "hit the high spots" posts ? LOL

So much has changed this year, that it is absolutely amazing to me !

I have built 2 websites with the emense help at Wealthy Affiliate and started another that I kind of abandoned because I wasn't feeling it! Sometimes it's not a good idea to start a site in a nioche that you really know well if you hate the niche, and trust me after 30 years of working in that niche I'm well over it!

I was going to do a blog post when I hit 300,000 words but decided to hold off and do this all together!

The success has been slow at times and like the speed of light at other times, but it has continued to grow! My site that I promote Wealthy Affiliate on takes 5 steps forward and 4 steps back. Then it takes 8 steps forward and 4 steps back! The progress is there and seems to become more steady every month! The inportant part is that it is slowly trending upward, and I'm really good wth that!

My first site is a hunting site that has been getting pretty good traffic and getting Amazon and Rakuten sales for a few months now . It too increases in traffic as time goes !

I framed my first Amazon check for $3.17! LOL

The last check was a shade over $270 and I'm good with that as well!

I am continually impressed by how much I keep learning every month, and how much I still have to learn, but I'm having a blast doing it! If you had told me this time last year what I would be doing I would have laughed at you! I've never had so much fun working as I do now!

I have a plan in place and goals to acheive, but these are long term!

My hisical business does pretty well, but I am sick of the life scking nature of it, so I have a 5 year plan to completely replace that income, and I believe that I'm on track, or close to it!

A word to the folks who are starting their jouney!

I'm sure everyone has a story to tell and a place they come from! It's as inevitable as the sun coming up! The great news I can guarantee you is that you can get anywhere you want to go and it's completely up to you! Noone can hold you back and you alone can make the decision to do it!

Like any business or job, you have to give it time and effort to get where you want to be! Noone starts at a manufacturing job on the assembly line and becomes V.P. the next week! It's the same in this business you are building!

I know for an absolute fact that the training, Community and support at Wealthy Affiliate will get you where you want to go! There is no doubt! But just like shooting for that V.P. job, you have toi do it!

In don't hear too many hard numbers coming out of the community, so I will share some of mine in hopes that it helps you, and encourages you somehow!

My formula is pretty simple. It's either forward or standing still!

Like I said, I'm still learning as well as many others, but the same question keeps coming up in conversation and PMs so I want to give you my opinion. Right, Wrong or indifferent, here it is!

Time is not your enemy!

Some people have more time than others but there is no reason that you can't make some extra time here and there. It doesn;t have to be a 4 hour stretch! An extra 30 minutes here and there can make all the difference !

I am a college football nut who lives in a college town (Clemson) GO TIGERS! And I really love to consume as much football as I can. But there has to be limits!

Sometimes I pry myself away from the Saturday lineup of games, and sometimes I don't. When I don't I always regret it! That 3 hours I sat watching a football game could have been an extra post on my website !

I have always struggled with procrastination, but it's much better than it used to be! Now when the alarm clock goes off at 5 AM My feet hit the floor.(Most of the time) If you want it bad enough, you have to put in the effort! Sometimes I am up until midnight and get up at 5 am . I'm not suggesting that anyone else does that beacuse everyone is different, and your health is important! But you will be amazed how many dayys straight you cn get by on 4-5 hours of sleep!

Start by making better use of your time , and continue to improve with baby steps. You will find that you have more time than you think.

Never Give Up!

The last thing I want to share is that you have to work on your mindset. Because without the mindset, you will fail!

You have to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Failure is not fatal!

My biggest progressions have come from failures! Believe it or not you learn more through failure! But if you want it bad enough you will use those failures to your advantage!

A guy who was one of my referrals worked really hard for about 2 months and then he started PMing me almost every day. He was getting discouraged because he hadn't gotten to his first goals yet. After talking with him online and by phone he just gave up! He was sure that success was only a breath away, and he said he wanted to do this for the rest of his life, but he quit after 2 months!

Don't give up! Follow the training! Ask for help!

I have told you what I do and how I have changed some things to get to my goals, but it has been tough at times !

I type at a blinding 30 words per minute (on a good day)! I type fairly quick, but only use my two middle fingers! That has been a huge issue for me! I have followed an online keying course and had no success with it! But I'm still going.

If I could type 60 words per minute like my sister, I might have over 300 posts done instead of 164 ! But that hasn't been the case.

I just enrolled in an adult education class to take typing/ keying that starts after Christmas. I will learn to type efficiently if it takes me the rest of my life! But I'm not giving up on it!

Stay the course and keep going!

If I can help, shoot me a PM! If I don't know the answer, we will learn together!

I wish you all the very best of success !

Merry Christmas !


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EandS2018 Premium
What an encouraging message
We thank you
Merry Christmas
ShelleyAnn Premium
What a fantastic article Mike thank you for sharing!!! And I do can relate to staying up until 12 or later at night then jumping up at 6 am to work on my website!
wmac Premium
Good advice.
Thanks Mike
Blessedalso2 Premium
I love it, Mike!

Full speed ahead, stumble and fall, but get up (make sure you see what you stumbled over though), keep it moving!

I'm with it!

All the best,

Marley2016 Premium
That is incredible support for anyone starting out!
You do not even type and did that many posts great job!
I do type but with my multiple sites I keep up fairly good
right now I am behind on posting because I want to
finish boot camp and well turns out it is a bit harder than
expected it would be so I know my goal of finishing by
the end of the year is going to be out of the question :(
But I did set my goals starting Jan 1st but am trying to
implement them as much as possible in December to
get me prepared for the road ahead a long and bumpy one
I am sure.
Here is to your success at learning to type efficiently
which I know you can accomplish without a doubt
along with much success and happiness coming in the
New Year,