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I remember setting out for my goal in 2019 to get 100 users in a day from Google alone to my site.

Why 100?

  1. It's a nice number
  2. It's a number I've heard from different people that say don't even worry about monetisation, sales pages or any other fancy things until you reach this

But by September I also remember thinking...

"Am I just an idiot? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm not cut out for this?"

Here's what my traffic looked like from Google in Septmeber...

7 users a day!

Seriously I only have 4 months to go and I'm barely getting double digits... not even 1 tenth of my goal.

But here's the secret that I read this year and has helped so much...

Goals are for Losers

Before you get all high and mighty on me, let me explain...

When you set a goal you will spend most of your time not achieving that goal.

You are basically "losing" for the whole time until that one moment you actually achieve your goal.

It can be demotivating and is one of the big reasons why so many people NEVER achieve their new years resolutions or keep a fad diet going for long enough to see results.

So what's the answer?

Use systems not goals

Systems are habits that you can peform every week or ideally every day.

Each time you perform your system, you are succeeding.

This gives you a positive kick up the bum to keep on doing it.

My system was this:

Write every day.

It was pretty simple really.

But here's how to become a success machine...

Use systems to work to goals you CONTROL

So the book I was reading (How to fail at almost everything and still win big) then went on to say that goals still have their place.

But most people set bad goals that they can't control.

So eventually I set some goals to assist the system & keep me on track:

  1. Write 12 reviews a month
  2. Record and release 4 podcasts a month
  3. Write 8 articles a month on a new website

Do you notice the difference to my original goal here though?

I am in control of every one of these goals.

I am not reliant on Google ranking my website. I am not reliant on anyone else buying something. All I focus on is what I produce

The results...

To be honest I completely forgot about my orginal goal I set earlier this year until I found it in one of my notepads recently when setting some new systems and targets for 2020.

So I thought I should check out Google Analytics and see what happened...

I got 98 users from Google on the 30th December and broke the 100 mark on the 2nd January!

I missed it by 2 days!!

Do I care?

Absolutley not!

But it just shows the importance of setting goals and systems in the first place.

Would I have achieved this without setting any goals?


But I'm reminded of this quote

"If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time" Zig Ziglar

Just by focussing on providing high quality writing money is starting to flow in. I didn't even set any financial goals in 2019 as I didn't know what to expect.

But I have had my first annual premium memberships and things really are progressing very similarly to what you get taught with the training.

These results may seem tiny to you. Or they may seem really amazing.

But the fact is we all have our own journey to go on and I remember how valuable these types of success posts were to me when it felt like I was doing so much and seeing no results.

Have you set any goals for 2020? Will you use any systems to help you achieve these goals?

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Hi Mike,

Great post and I know success but now I am going through 132 posts via AIO to check the results so far I've done about 60 pots and all bar two ranks over 80/100 and a few 100/100 on AIO it really is a great plugin for SEO.

Wishing you continued Success!

In Friendship


Thanks Stephen. How’s your traffic coming along?

Hi, Mike,

I think that more than establishing goals, it's all about establishing realistic goals. This applies to everything in life.

Once we establish our goals, it's important to devise a plan on how we will reach those goals. It's the system you talk about. However, it has to be an effective and somewhat flexible system. In our eternal quest for perfection, we can make mistakes and leave it all altogether after failing.

Thanks for bringing this up.


Too right Enrique!

I think adapting and readjusting the course and systems is just as important as setting the goals and systems

Wow... congratulations Mike! These are huge successes!

Thank you sharing your success story and showing us your proof.

I like your "Use systems to work to goals you CONTROL". That's going to help me.

I also have this bookmarked in my Success Stories.

I look forward to hearing more of your successes. You'll have more...

I wish you continued success in your online business this year.


Thanks so much Monica, I’m really glad it helped

Thanks Mike,
Great post and certainly spins the “goal” thing with a different perspective! You have done a great job here of breaking it done into something people can digest! Excited about watching you continue through the year with your success!

Best year yet Mike! 👍🏻

Thanks Gerry, I really appreciate that!

I meant to reply to this yesterday, but forgot, however today I was reading 007’s post and he mentioned your incredible post, so I thought best I make a bit of effort, because I too was enthralled.

Your post had me thinking of my WA journey (so far) which seemed similar in many ways to yours, I have not yet managed to achieve the original goals I set, but over time I, like you, have been a little realistic and read a lot more posts, from the WA family and absorbed the positive and more pragmatic individuals in our midst.
I accept that whilst Goals are good it is certainly the “breaking them down” and changing what you can control and accepting what you can’t which changes goals into systems.
In fact this tried and tested sentiment is used as the basis for people who live in sobriety , one of the things that is recommended is to say daily “The Serenity Prayer” and is a great goal and guide for life.
When you are confused, short on answers or have to face your fears, when you are anxious, envious or resentful, then the Serenity Prayer is all power.
In fact yesterday I read JanieT’s brilliant post and it was during which I mentioned, Visualise a large group of Male prisoners holding hands and saying the Serenity Prayer, it happens,.....I am able to witness the power in the room and know that anything is possible.

So for me there is real hope. I loved your post it inspired me and I went on to look at your website and all things Mikebeatty, (not stalking you I promise...🤭) and I get the strong feeling you are going to make huge inroads into your online business.

Good luck Mike , looking forward to further progress reports👍


* Serenity Prayer
“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference”

This just made my day Cordelia!

I love the serenity prayer and I've written that down so I can find it any time I need it.

Thanks so much for the kind words, it really means a lot! I look forward to seeing how 2020 plays out for you too.

P.S. Could you send me the link to 007's post and JanieT's post please?

Hi Mike, thankyou for your lovely comments
Here is 007’s post and within that is Lady Jane’s post 🤞👍

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