3 Affiliate Marketing Tips: From 17 WA Experts

Last Update: March 29, 2020

I just wanted to share this great article put together from Kayin (Zerokai)

He asked 17 successful WA members this simple question:

What are the 3 affiliate marketing tips/advice you have for beginners to help them reach affiliate success?

There are some hidden gems in there and he even summarises it at the end. It's amazing how similar the advice is and I wish I had read this when I had started out here at WA!

---content deleted---

(I've been told that linking to Kayin's post counts as spam... I guess becuase it links to something externally (read Kyles Spam is a No No post), but if you are interested to read it then you can either message me or Kayin directly!)

P.S. If you know someone that may benefit from this please do share it with them in any way you can.

UPDATED- Here are my main takeaways:

  • Post content frequently
  • Focus on popular/ easier to rank for posts (reviews, how tos, best ofs)
  • **Be consistent (2 hours a day is better than 14 hours once a week).... ONE OF MY FAV's**
  • Most people give up too soon (aim to persist with proven long term traffic strategies)
  • Focus on affiliate products (ideally 1-3 to start... too many people have dozens or even hundreds)
  • Choose a niche that you actually enjoy (or want to learn more about)
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LenkaSophie Premium
That advice saying 2 hours a day is better than 14 hours once a week applies similarly to language learning, it is what I say to people who have English lessons with me :) Always say better learn 10 to 15 minutes every day than all day once a week.
Can't beat repetition.
Thanks for this post, Mike!
megawinner Premium
I agree with you. Languages should be exercised/practiced daily. 🏅🥈🥉🥇👍🎯
eimba Premium
Lenka, you are correct, practice makes perfect, themore you practice, the better you are at it.
Well said.
mikebeatty Premium
100% it becomes a habit as well and then momentum really builds
DerekMarshal Premium
I feed rather sad for those that find this blog post and then need to jump through several hoops to find a great article with 52 great tips!.

You are allowed to post external links as long as it is helpful, non promotional and not to say a review or has an affiliate link.

The Spam police need to take a chill pill and not be so uptight.
mikebeatty Premium
Wise words Dezza!
Stella741 Premium
I agree with you when it comes to choosing a niche you really enjoy. I love absolutely love affiliate marketing - especially tweaking PPC ads.

That was what I did when I first got started in the online world and made instant money in my sleep. I've been hooked ever since and nothing gives me greater joy that having a winning ad that rakes in sales.

It is really addictive!

Content writing however, is something I will have to muster up the effort for....I do not really enjoy writing review, after review, after review...I prefer to write content around internet marketing.

I have a lot to learn when it comes to knowing a subject to expert level and feeding off of the income from that. Writing content in an ethical manner without coming across as rude or spammy is something we all need to be aware of.

Especially in some WA corners...But then I digress...

Thanks for shariing!

linzibee Premium
I'd love to pick your brains on the PPC stuff, maybe an exchange of skills would be of interest? i quite like the content writing part but i'm still totally lost with PPC.
Stella741 Premium
That's fine by me...when can we start?
mikebeatty Premium
Great points well made Stella! Yeah I think we all want to pick your brain after that... money while you sleep when you start (everyone's dream, right? lol!)

Check out Jerry's training here if you don't like writing that type of content. I'm working my way through it this week (plan to hire a writer by next week and train them the week after... his training looks awesome)
Stella741 Premium
Yes, his training is very good...Read them last year.

It wouldn't hurt to read them again though!

As for PPC, it's simple ad copy Hook for headline (directed to your market whether Parents, Mums, Dads). Then ask them a 1-line question to ask what problem they need solving (Only 1 question mark allowed in PPC ads - Bing/Google). This raises curiosity...

Then a direct Call to Action - Eg - Join Today To Find Out More.

Then your URL linking to a bridge/landing page (with optional optin form) about your product offer, eg, Wealthy Affiliate

What I like about PPC is that it is very good for getting traffic fast and furious. The optin form on your landing page gets rid of most tire-kickers.

Also, remember the PPC ad must be relevant to your optin page, which must be relevant to your product offer (whether Affiliate product or service). Similar colours on your optin page and Affiliate offer are useful. Use of similar words gleaned from your affiliate offer is useful too. Clickbank is a great place to start.

You will also need to learn how to set up an email sequence. Jay's training in Live Events (just type in 'Email" and the relevant training will come up) has all you need to get you started with bulding an Email List....

The sign up process for Bing and Yahoo is quite straightforward. What is more complicated is getting your Click Through Rate (CTR) up to 30% and your Cost Per Click (CPC) down....

Also, you need to practice tweaking your ads and putting out several ad groups around one keyword. When you find a winning ad - simply scale up....

And now this training will cost you $$$ if you need to know more...

Only Kidding!!
MinaKim Premium
Thanks for sharing Kayin's site. I immediately checked it out. Those tips are true gems.

But you may want to inform Kayin, that Joo and Kyle have exactly the same 3 tips, like word per word.
Perhaps, it was mistyped?

I think you should tell him before outside WA noticed it-- and become a "hate" comment.

Hope, you or Kayin won't get offended. You know how it is out there.
Have a good one!
mikebeatty Premium
Well spotted I will let Kayin know!
Zerokai Premium
Thanks, Mina, when you have to gather so much information, mistakes like this happen.

I hope you enjoyed reading it!
mikebeatty Premium
100% I'm amazed it was only that one! ;)
MinaKim Premium
Yes, for sure! Mistake is a normal thing. I just hope I didn't offend you for calling out.

I did enjoy it and it helped me lot. I'm having difficulties on refocusing my site to be honest. So, it really helped.

Thanks for compiling those =)
EdwinBernard Premium
I read that post by Kayin. They are like gold. What I found most helpful was the way Kayin distilled all their wisdom into three steps to success at the end, I am happy to say I am following those steps religiously.

However, some of the tips from the 17 are worth making note of and doing what they say.

Mike, I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.

mikebeatty Premium
Same to you Edwin!

Kayin's done a great job with this post, I think it's a great idea and way to connect with others