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The image above shows my "office" for a few weeks - it is on an island in Thailand:-)When I first started looking into making money online, it was to be able to create a good income on my own terms where I could work where I wanted to.I honestly was not sure if that would ever be possible when I first joined WA (Wealthy Affiliate), but now 2.5 years later, I am making a full-time income online and I have been for a while.For me freedom is not about getting the biggest cars and beatiful villas -
If you are reading this, you have probably now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while and have checked out the training and seen the potential it has to teach you how to make a living online.But making money online is not a get-rich-quick thing and to really get the best possible chances of success you are likely considering a premium membershipHowever, you might not have a lot of extra money to invest in a premium membership even though you really want to learn to make money onl
Over the last month and a half I have had my Facebook page taken down + just recently had a YouTube video flagged as inappropriate and removed.I have however had both of these penalties removed, and since it might happen to others here at some point, I just want to share my experiences as it might help you, if you ever end up in a similar situation. The Facebook penalty: Just over a month ago I one day logged into Facebook and found out my Facebook page for one of my niches had been taken dow
Many members here on Wealthy Affiliate has done reviews of the platform MOBE (My Online Business Education) and pointed at some of the potential problematic promotion methods used.Well, today when doing some research for a new review, I saw that the MOBE website has officially been temporarily shut down.The FTC has filled a lawsuit against MOBE and the owner due to many complaints from people that have lost thousands of dollars and the business methods used.It is important to know that the site
Are you aware that the skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate are skills that are not only valuable to build your own online income?You are learning skills that many companies are looking for and skills that are very valuable. This is something you can benefit from while building your own online income.To remind everybody about the great skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate, I want to share how I have used these skills over the past year.Earn while you build and learnBuilding your own
To make money on affiliate marketing we all know how important it is to join good affiliate programs.Sometimes it however happens that you get rejected for an affiliate program you really wanted to join. I have experienced this myself several times, but also know there is a way to be reconsidered. I will explain later what I have done several times to be approved for an affiliate program that I was initially rejected for. Why you get rejected?There can be many reason you might be rejected for
Today when I was writing a post on my website, I noticed something new:The recommended lenght of meta descriptions has changed!This goes both for All-in-one SEO plugin and Yoast. They now allow up to 320 characters in the meta description.I deciced to do a little bit of reseacrh about it, and it seems that Google have recently made search snippets in the SERPs much longer, and therefore the recommended lenght has now also changed.How that will affect the SERPs nobody knows yet. And if it is the
Yesterday I set up my website to AMP pages. I sometimes use a smiley in a post or page. And I suddenly saw it looks terrible on the AMP version.Thinking that this might apply to other signs than smileys. So just a warning if you are using smileys etc. to check how it looks in the AMP version.Here is a screenshot so you can see how it looked on my phone, and as you can see it looks terrible, so if you check if there is any signs etc you need to change after setting up AMP.All the best,Mikael
I have been here at WA for a couple of months now, and love the training I get here and all the support.I must however say that I have realized one thing about trainings. Even though there are every day created many valuable and amazing trainings, there also seems to be some of not that high quality (or even with inaccurate information) and a lot of repetitions. I am writing this to encourage all of us to think about one thing before creating a training - Do I know what I am talking about?It se
I just want to share this free screecast tool I have found with you. When you are just starting out, you probably want something very easy to use and free. I know I want:-)In my search, I found Icecream screen recorder. It is very easy to use and free.Features:select what part of the screen you want to recordrecord screen, webcam or both.sound recordingrecord up to 10 min.super easy and simple to useI also tried screencast-o-matic that many here on WA recommends. It is also very great, byt unle