Why Building Online Business Kills You?

Last Update: June 14, 2019

Just today, I arrived from a 1-hour flight. For days, my schedules have been really hectic resulting in my body's shut down.

I worked more than 16 hours per day and in the past few days, I had to get into the flight to and fro for another appointment. A very important appointment.

Within 1 week alone, I wrote and wrote and wrote content with a minimum 2,000 words and beyond, while writing for my ongoing novel (on Wattpad).

Although I was sick and could barely see the screen clearly, I pushed myself to the limits to finish my Chapter 7 of my novel, while writing almost 6,000 words for days.

While doing those side-by-side, I kept my active engagement with people reaching out for my help in leveraging their content, answering mails, and updating my emails at the same time.

As much as I wanted to rest, I couldn't because I already lent my hands to become an aid to their business. This is how driven I am in helping others in my own ways, albeit the lowering energy I have.

As of this writing, I am not in my right condition and wasn't actually planning to write a blog post; but I know I should. It's part of my responsibility and my mission.

As much as I could, even if I could barely move my fingers, I try my best to type in the words I want to tell everyone about how passionate I am in this industry.

Yet, I am not saying you'd do the same thing because this, I know, is unhealthy. You may be motivated to build your own passive income online.

But that doesn't mean you can work so hard to the point it consumes you, taking a toll on your health.

I intend this post short. A mere quick reminder to you to take care of your health, making sure your passion to build your own online platform won't overpower the need of rest.

Listen to your body. Rest if you must. Once you keep on resisting it, your body will soon ask what it needs. Hence, you get sick and slow down.

This shouldn't be. We must know why we're working hard. For sure, it's not to save money to send ourselves in the hospital. Am I right?

If you want regular updates, you can follow my profile. If you want my help, I'll be delighted to be of help. Don't worry, I'm okay. I just need rest, but I will respond to your emails asap. Got it?

Also, see my profile link if you want to learn more about what I do and what help I could offer. Just to satisfy your curiosity. A-ha. :)

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CordeliaN Premium
MGaspery, you certainly are passionate, it’s such a wonderful thing to see and to read. But pause and take a breath sometimes, nothing is worth risking your health...❤️
MGaspary Premium
Yes, Cordelia. It's true. I will do. :)
CarlosL1 Premium
Hi MGaspary, I'm happy for you, when we are passionate for something we give everything we have. Health is an important asset that we should protect, no matter what.

Take care...
MGaspary Premium
Yes, it's true, Carlos. We give our all without knowing our body needs rest to recharge and resume the work, too. :)
BrewHappy Premium
No one really has a bad life....just bad moments ~ Regina Brett

MGaspary Premium
Yes, it's true. Thank you for that wonderful message. :)
MichalB Premium
I still work 9-5; in the afternoon I come home and I feel that my brain is not fresh enough to come up with a content for my website.

So I take power naps almost every afternoon for 10 to 20 minutes. I don't need clock alarm, I just wake up.
It is so refreshing that the morning of that day feels like a day before...
MGaspary Premium
I really wonder how could you do so. Even if take a nap, I don't feel like energized. Not even when I sleep 8 hours. :( In fact, I could not remember when was the last time I felt like so refreshed after sleeping or resting.
MichalB Premium
to be honest, I do not know why it works for me :)

..if you could start doing some sport? like jogging or pedal bike...maybe swimming.
I am just guessing what might help you.

we are all different and different things work for us.

Wishing you to find the perfect balance
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Mecyll looks like you have the hammer down, and are working extremely hard.

Just a thought, creating that balance can be the thing that makes all the difference in the longevity stakes.

It can be easy to burn out when we burn the candle at both ends and in the middle at the same time.

Take care of your self.
MGaspary Premium
Thanks for that, Alex. It's a big lesson to all who are hustling right now. :)