I made my first $20!

Last Update: February 19, 2018

I got an email this morning from a company I signed up to be an affiliate with. I earned $20 just like that! I didn't think that I needed proof that this works, but it helps! I have learned so much already since I joined WA in December. I am excited to be in the WA community and to build my websites. I am looking forward to writing and communicating with the people in my niche and on WA.

One of my niches is health, specifically cleanses. I ended up having kidney stones last month and using a kidney cleanse to pass them. Crazy timing since I had just chosen that niche! Now I have even more to write about! Here's to feeling better and learning much!

Best to all,


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jrandrade07 Premium
That's amazing =) Congrats Melissa =)
bigrog44 Premium
Congrats, Melissa!!!
GoranBockman Premium
Congrats Melissa! Really happy for you!
joejr49 Premium Plus
That's great!!! Keep it up.

Best wishes,

work4nobody Premium
Congrats to you. Keep up the good work.