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May 08, 2018
I am excited to begin my next stint of this journey called life. I got a job opportunity that is intriguing and I could not pass it up. My current jobs, yes with an "s", are many. Sometimes I work 2 jobs in one day, trying to juggle those and still homeschool my kids. This new job has focused daytime hours and I will get to be home every morning and every evening. This will be more hours, but more steady and more money too! I will be helping to open and run a new cafe in town. And thanks
February 19, 2018
I got an email this morning from a company I signed up to be an affiliate with. I earned $20 just like that! I didn't think that I needed proof that this works, but it helps! I have learned so much already since I joined WA in December. I am excited to be in the WA community and to build my websites. I am looking forward to writing and communicating with the people in my niche and on WA. One of my niches is health, specifically cleanses. I ended up having kidney stones last month and usi