Affiliate Application Denied? Challenge Accepted!

Last Update: November 06, 2017

For the last month, my focus has been getting my new website in shape. Since this isn't my first site, I was able to power through some of the early steps, and really focus on content creation. Now that I have a variety of articles available, and am starting to get traffic, I figure it's time to expand my affiliate programs beyond Amazon. (While they're a great affiliate program, they don't offer a great selection of certain products.)

So last week, after much research, I decided on one particular program whose products would really add to my website content. Although I wrote what I felt was a stellar application to this program, they turned me down within minutes. The reason cited? "Not enough traffic."

This was a totally new -- and depressing -- experience for me. While my previous website didn't get exceptional traffic, my articles converted well, so I never had problems getting affiliate program approvals. But it appeared that things might be different this time around.

For about 15 minutes, I sulked over my application being denied. The fact is, rejection in any form doesn't feel good, and it's healthy to let oneself feel sad for a little bit. But it's also important to move on from that feeling, and not let it take control.

So I refocused on my goal, and reminded myself of some key things about affiliate programs:

  1. It's very rare that one affiliate program offers something no other company does.
  2. Just because an affiliate program fails to see a website's earning potential doesn't mean that all will.

With those things in mind, I went back to researching. In doing so, I found several other affiliate programs that not offer similar products, but also pay better. And you know what? Every single one approved my application!

While being rejected by my top-choice affiliate program was frustrating, in the end it's turned out better for me. Plus it led me to an interesting insight about myself: being rejected by an affiliate program makes me want to work harder (and smarter) to prove them wrong!

I will get my traffic way up, and I will continue to write great content that converts. But because they wouldn't take a chance on me, my sales won't go to them. Challenge accepted, and ultimately, their loss!

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ElizabethI Premium
Hi there! Thank you so much for this post. I excitedly started a new website as my niche became clearer, having done up to level 3 with another one. Next training was to 'add an affiliate link' So I researched, found what I loved, and got rejected, then wondered how the hell do I up traffic without the product? So, its great to read this, thank you!!! Just get more determined.. and LOVE what you said about there always being other affiliates just as good if not better. :D
christinebso Premium
Good Job!
I wish you continuous success :)

MarionBlack Premium
Way to go DeeDee.
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks, Marion!
mickeyb123 Premium
I LIKE it!

Keep up the good stuff because you WILL succeed!
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks so much, Mickey -- I know I will, thanks to the awesome training and support here. :-)
MozMary Premium
:) love this post!
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks, Mary!