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Last Update: April 27, 2019

Now there;s a saying from the late great Jim Rohn that goes something like...

"Help Enough People Get What They Want And You Will Get What You Want"

This is just sooooo Affiliate Marketing.

Recommend something that someone wants and get what you want.

Anyway I have been associated around the making money online niche for some years now but only joined WA back in October 2018. Since then I have been learning loads and implementing what I have learned.

What I have also been trying to do is help others, mainy because that's what I love to do.

Anyway to cut a long story short

I recently done a review for a product I came across online, it got to number one in Google and with that loads of traffic (in fact its still giving me traffic today. Yeah ... sorry quick fist pump there... :)

I had a lady (Nikki) who read my review, joined WA and then thanked me for helping her find WA. I felt blessed!

She even mentioned me on her first WA blog. I have never meet Nikki before but am honoured to now be able to help her succeed online.

You can read her post here ...

Please support her by liking and commenting on her first blog maybe hit the follow button too!

Makes writing these blogs well worth it especially when you see someone so appreciative.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys and gals off to write another blog for my website.



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Talk2Ray Premium
Great news Martin you are doing so well, it is really encouraging me...
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Ray ...Keep moving forward
JoePlale Premium
Welcomed Her into The Fold
... { and Swiped your cute SmileyPillows Pic from above }


mcb247 Premium
Thanks Joe...haha you're welcome take it with compliments.
Doris3 Premium
That is amazing!!! I will definitely show my support to her.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Doris appreciate that :)
FKelso Premium
It does make the writing worth it,for sure! Good for you...hope you have lots more good breaks.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Fran it certainly does :)
cld111 Premium
That's fantastic! I will head over to Nikki's blog and wish her well. :)

- Christina
mcb247 Premium
Indeed Christina ... thanks for supporting her.