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This post is not to boast but to help others that may be struggling when promoting WA. Today I want to run through what I am doing and also what I have learned too.Firstly, I would say that if you are not building an email list with an autoresponder then this could be a mistake. Yes you have your website/blog, Yes you have social media accounts and YouTube channels but there is no better way (I have found) than to build trust with your audience than through email. By giving away some informatio
April 01, 2020
Hi WAer's Firstly, I trust everyone is staying safe and well in these testing times. Stay safe , stay home and keep working on your business...Just dropping a quick thank you to any WA members that have subscribed to my YouTube channel I have now hit 400 subscribers which is another milestone towards my 1,000 target. You guys rock!!Oh and if you haven't subbed then why not... Only joking LOL (although link is on my profile) Take care everyone :)Martin
I always love to help others where I can and I have been a firm believer that what you put out there will come back to you. So, I wasn't that shocked when recently I was approached by AWeber (They are an email marketing service company for those who are new to online stuff) They had a proposition for me.I had already been using them in my business for some years and have been creating content and mentioning their company on a regular basis.I was approached by them and asked if I would like to b
December 16, 2019
Firstly, I must apologize as my time of late has been focused elsewhere and I haven't been in the community as mush as I had hoped...However, I thought I would quickly drop by and share a milestone with you all... not to brag but to give those who are struggling a lift. I set myself a goal of writing 100 articles by the end of 2019 and I did it... at the time I set this goal I was finding it tough as things were moving slowly. Just to prove it ... Goals do work even if they are small goals they
If you would have told me 11 months ago when I joined WA that I would write more than 100,000 over the next year I would have said... that's not going to happen! Well it has happened...Writing has been something that I have never excelled at so to achieve this milestone has been hard work, but as they say no pain no gain. I must admit over the last few months I have struggled but with the help from the WA community and Kyles and Jay's great training I have kept going. Thanks for all your suppor
Just checked my YouTube channel as I must confess I have neglected it over the last few weeks... But what I saw has just got me raring to go and create some more videos. I have reached 50,000 views ..... Yeah !Youtube is such a valuable resource for traffic and affiliate commissions too if you are not yet using YouTube then I would say go and get started today... Oh and while you are there please subscribe to my channel ...only kidding! Seriously this needs your attention!If you already have a
Today I reached another small milestone... 100 Referrals into WA !This coupled with my posts a few days ago on collecting over $100 is commissions last month it's been a good few days. Don't these things come in 3's can't wait for the third one to arrive. The only dissappointing part is that I have only had 2 upgrades so far and one of these only lasted a month. Something to work on over the next few weeks I think. If anyone has any methods of improving the upgrade percentage please drop a comm
Yeah! Funny how things work out... it's been a tough month on the personal front with my Father in Law passing away after a long illness. Hence why I have not been around so much these last few weeks. But with my WA business it' has been a good month with a huge step forward on the money front. My First $100 Plus month since joining WA back in Nov 18 ... In Fact it was $138.50 Whoop Whoop!Now to increase this to $200 this month. I am already on the way with a pending payment of $58 just been a
Quick update on my Google console issues.... I spent most of Friday sorting out issues on my website that were brought to my atention by Google console. I did wonder am I wasting my time! But my thoughts were if things are not working then fix them. Why continue to create more content that is not going to rank or even get indexed.Anyway it looks like my hard work has started to pay off... I recieved this email this morning!YEAH!Only time will tell if my traffic will start to increase again but
Hi Folks, Just thought I would let off some steam by posting a quick blog... ARGGHHHHHH ! Google console is doing my head in literally it is slowing down my work as I am trying to figger out what needs sorting and what doesn't... I followed the training on setting it up and everything was going well until about a month ago.It's so frustrating and I am sure my site is being affected as in May I had over 10,000 page views finally thought YEAH we are cracking this ... today I am getting just under