Update on Super Affiliate Challenge

Last Update: February 25, 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Monica.

I’m in the Super Affiliate Challenge and all I can say is so fat it's been very enlightening.

To date, I have written 11 posts … I had the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT just now as I thought I had written 12 posts. Ummmmm ( I sacrificed my Bootcamp workouts from 5 days a week to 1 day a week) .

Lol. Guess I need to learn to count. I’m in the works of writing the 12th one.

Before the challenge, I was struggling to write one post in a week because I didn’t think I could write. After I heard Kyle mention about writing conversationally like I would to a friend, well, finally, my light bulb went on.

I actually enjoy writing now. Too bad I didn’t see the light bulb when I was going to school.

I have a logo which I hope you can see. I’m going to change the green to red. My theme is Hiero.

I have about 30 keywords and I still need to find 20 more and I will have that.

I have a friend out in Turks and Caicos Islands and he is going to be ordering a laptop this coming week and wants to get an online business going. They are finally getting internet back after the 2 major hurricanes that went thru last year. He and his daughter are going to join Wealthy Affiliate. Yeeehaaa!!

I have been helping some people that I am confident in answering only the answers I know as I don’t want to lead people down the wrong track.

I’m totally guilty on not helping anyone on Live Chat and not doing any weekly blogs as required here. This is my first for the challenge… I’m still a slow writer but certainly have written more than what I could ever have dreamed about.

I will have everything else done by the middle of this coming week, if not sooner.

To anyone reading this, I hope you are doing well and I wish you much success in your online business.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP and sometimes we have to make sacrifices... but it's important to also replace those sacrifices with other things. I do stretches and a bit of exercises.

Thanks for reading,


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MarkBa Premium
Great work Monica. :) ~Mark
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Mark, thank you and how are you doing?
Shweta10mg Premium
Great article that itself is inspiring and love the logo:) stylish
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Shweta, thank you, how are you doing?
laurenjean Premium Plus
Wow, Monica. You are rocking the Affiliate Challenge! I still have 5 posts to go. Well done on rearranging your schedule so you could master this. I have also had no time to exercise lately and hope to find a better work life balance in month 2.
mbouteiller Premium
Thank you Lauren, I'm feeling like I really need the workout though... sitting too long is not good.

You are doing very well and keep it going. I sure enjoy reading your posts here and you help a lot of people too.

We can all do this!
zngqisha Premium
Well done on your progress Monica and thanks for sharing this with us.

mbouteiller Premium
Hi Zola, thank you and how are you doing?
BradB18 Premium
Thanks, Monica, you have given me an idea - conversationally.
I have to get a small recorder
mbouteiller Premium
You're welcome, writing conversationally really works. It making writing very enjoyable.
BradB18 Premium
Yep, I reckon your right, Monica. Something I have been meaning to do for a long time and you have given me the wake-up call, thank you.