Where can I find Trade Publications for my niche?

Last Update: April 15, 2021

Keyword Research

So I have lots of keywords for my niche, via a large variety of sources.

I think I have enough keywords to last me for a long time.

But many of the content articles for my niche are quite dry and I would love to be able to add some articles with industry statistics, stories and anecdotes.

I still think it is a good niche, but I am worried that my articles may be too much "review" rather than informative.

Trade & Industry Articles

So is there a magical source of trade publications, or list of trade magazines, statistics, analytics etc surrounding a specific product, available to the public?

For example, if my niche was garden spades, or label printers; or childrens party balloons; then where is the best source of trade publications that may indicate volume of sales, or accidents caused by garden spades; or number of label printers sold in a year, or a country, or by size?

I have started with the British Standards Institute to find anything relevant to the industry niche, and maybe the American Standards, Canadian Standards or Australian Standards may provide related info.

Ironically, in the time it took me to write this question, I have probably found many of the answers I needed, but I'm going to post this blog anyway, just in case others are seeking similar information.

British Standards Institute - https://www.bsigroup.com

ROSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents https://www.rospa.com/faqs/detail?id=80 They claim 5300 accidents are caused by flowerpots each year!

Statista - www.statista.com shows top hazards, safety recalls, product issues, globally.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration - OSHA https://search.osha.gov/

Publications - News & Press information from across the web about stats and events - www.webwire.com

There are probably many more, but I am delighted to say, that I started this post without knowing any information sources, and I've ended it by finding many sources that will be extremely useful in providing additional facts and statistics for some niches.

Many niches probably have fairly limited circulations for their publications, so there may not even be a publicly available edition. But still worth checking.

Thanks for reading. And if you have any more ideas, please do share them below.

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JeannineC Premium
I'd suggest setting up some Google Alerts on your best keywords and see what you get each day. I had a site about insurance (talk about a dry topic!), but I was able to get a huge number of ideas from the listings that came through. It was a free, excellent resource!
maxmillion18 Premium
Excellent idea. I will do that immediately. Thanks Jeannine.
kevonwilson Premium
Check out https://www.trademap.org/ for raw data on trade movements (imports and exports) on all commodoties. Also http://www.fao.org/home/en has a lot of country production data in the agricultural sector covering all sub-sectors. Hope this helps.
maxmillion18 Premium
Thank you Kevon. I will take a look at both of those links. Sometimes I love stats and numbers.
baughsten Premium Plus
Have you considered the research dept at the public library or local university?
maxmillion18 Premium
Thanks Dan. To be honest, I didn't consider either of those but I can see they would be useful. Problem is you have to visit those places with an idea in mind with what you are looking for.
But I'm sure if I start searching, one find will lead to others.
maxmillion18 Premium
Hi Dan. I have just discovered that our public library is closed due to this pandemic. But I will definitely visit there when they open.
I used to love the library, and spent many hours on various projects over the years. Completely forgot about that as an option, so thanks again.
baughsten Premium Plus
Most libraries have staff that are very approachable. And are willing to give you assistance. Besides it’s their job to do so.
Good Lucy. Hope you find why you are looking for.
DValentine Premium
you could always search for 'trade journal + niche' or 'guild + niche' or 'council + niche'
maxmillion18 Premium
Thanks Dom. That is very helpful. I like your use of the word "journal". That could lead to some useful options. When I posted this yesterday, I was actually battling to find words to express what I meant. :-)
richardgb Premium
Hi Michael
Well done on answering your own question...
and Lula's (@countrylife) answer is a gem!

Update: since commenting above many other great ideas have been contributed!
maxmillion18 Premium
Thank you Richard. Best Regards