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Greetings to all in Wealthy Affiliate.I love the expression and its variants as per my subject line!Never look a Gift Horse in the mouthI have been somewhat preoccupied in recent weeks since an offline opportunity unexpectedly fell into my lap.And I just could not turn it down!I say "Offline" but these days pretty much everything is Online whether we like it or not. In my case, Offline means, physical product that I am storing and selling directly to folk. Though we are using every Online metho
Keyword ResearchSo I have lots of keywords for my niche, via a large variety of sources.I think I have enough keywords to last me for a long time.But many of the content articles for my niche are quite dry and I would love to be able to add some articles with industry statistics, stories and anecdotes.I still think it is a good niche, but I am worried that my articles may be too much "review" rather than informative.Trade & Industry ArticlesSo is there a magical source of trade publications
So.I want to ask a question about something. The platform suggests I use the Ask Question option by clicking the magnifying glass.But I'm unable to attach an image or screen shot when I use that option. So I prefer to simply Ask the Question on my blog roll, as I am doing now. Since more format features are available.Does anyone notice that the question is coming as a blog post, or as a question? In addition, when someone asks a question via the question feature as I have done, I notice that it
So I have just finished another of Jay's excellent classes; this one was called "The process of Creating Niche Content" and was originally recorded on 16 October 2020In the training, he referred to his previous two (or preceding) related trainings in the series. I can't recall the exact titles but they did interest me.So I went off to search his archive of classes. And I actually battled to find what I need. So I am hoping that someone can help me, or otherwise I wanted to make a suggestion.In
So I asked Mr Google to check if my website was mobile-friendly? This is the link I used for Search Console. you can see, it does show my site as mobile friendly, but there is the secondary message in yellow about Page Loading Issues.I get the same warning message on all 3 of my sites and I wonder how serious it is and what I can do to fix it.Thank you
I have received the Mobile Usability message from Google for my site.Specifically, Clickable elements to close togetherText too small to readFrom reading about other similar experiences here, it is likely the theme doesn't handle mobile display correctly, but I wanted to check with folk here to confirm if this image from my blog, has resulted in the error.Or is there another way that I can fix this?I am using the Hiero theme which I was quite happy with until now. ThanksMichael
Website logo or BannerI'm not really sure what its called but on Twenty Seventeen theme, there is the image of 2 pots on a wooden table. I think its called a Header Logo or is it called a Header Banner?Either way, I want to make a similar banner/graphic that goes across the top of my website but where can I find the best dimensions required to do that?Keep it mobile-friendlyAnd how do I ensure it remains mobile friendly?I have created a banner in Canva a few times using some text and a backgrou
So on the 2nd March I was having difficulty with AIOSEO and requested some help. For which I am grateful as I managed to move forward a bit further.Following Phil's training, I believe I was ultimately successful in what went in my site(s) header, and my 3 sites were verified on Google Search Console so I'm sure that I did something right.However, 8 days later and I'm in the dark as I have no stats in Google Analytics , so I have obviously done something incorrectly. I really think I should sta
I recently completed a video training by Kyle on Google Analytics and almost the first screen showed the "UA- "tag which is required for AIOSEO. (UA = Universal Analytics)However, the training was dated around 2014 and it seems that Google Analytics has had more development so now they offer a "G-" tag. (I think this means a Global site tag)My question is. Is the G-tag something that replaces the UA tag, because I cannot find this UA tag in my Google account.And do you have to add that tag to e
Keeping track of Affiliate LinksSince I started my website(s), I have always made a note on a spreadsheet, of the Affiliate Links that I have used on each page. For example, I have the Amazon short code, so I paste that link on my website, and again into column one of my spreadsheet. Next column is the date it was added to the website. 3rd column has the actual product link that the short code points to. And then 4th column maybe a description tag or meta tag if it was used for the link. Finall