Don't Look a gift horse in the mouth!

Last Update: May 08, 2021

Greetings to all in Wealthy Affiliate.

I love the expression and its variants as per my subject line!

Never look a Gift Horse in the mouth

I have been somewhat preoccupied in recent weeks since an offline opportunity unexpectedly fell into my lap.

And I just could not turn it down!

I say "Offline" but these days pretty much everything is Online whether we like it or not. In my case, Offline means, physical product that I am storing and selling directly to folk. Though we are using every Online method available, to promote and present our product.

And so meanwhile, I am still going through emails, getting training updates and working on my websites and following the training here at WA. Just less active on the platform itself.

So sadly, I have not really moved forward, as far as WA training is concerned.

Don't get me wrong; I am having a brilliant time working on this offline business trying to move the product. It isn't easy of course.

But I remind myself how blessed I am to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. So much I have learned here, has been invaluable in my progress. I am just so excited every day with the possibilities that are open and available to me/us.

I have set up our new website; its a work in progress. And updates will follow. I have also setup the Instagram and related Facebook pages; All possible and directly as a result of my training and learning here. Learning from the WA program itself, as well as from every other member that shares their advice, tips and training.

Being in Control

I want to say that I feel in control; probably for one of the first times of my internet career. Gosh, there is a lot to learn, and having physical products is a challenge in itself. And it really helps to take one day at a time. But my colleagues on the project are good at sales, yet don't understand the online marketing aspects. We make a great team I believe.

Lost Energy

Some days, I feel tired and beaten. Or that I perhaps have not been as productive as I would like. But I choose to be kind to myself these days. Obviously I would love to work for 18 hours a day, and I'm guessing that some of you may be doing that. Meanwhile, I strive for a balance.

And for me right now, I am enjoying the journey; the learning curve!

I do hope to make some money this month! And I am aware that the offline journey can be equally as fickle as one that operates completely online. Though I'm guessing and hoping that my skills here will generate some reasonable sales of physical product.

Being Active

So I'm continuing the training. Building my website. Adding some content for the offline products. And occasionaly, a few bits for my previous chosen niches.

Meanwhile, I notice that my ranking has dropped from under 50, 3 weeks ago, to 99 today. And its likely to fall significantly further as I am preoccupied elsewhere.

Can't be helped really. And it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things of course. I am just enjoying myself so much! But juggling a bunch of balls can be a challenge.

I'm sorry for the long ramble. And if you have read this far... then Thank you.

Best Regards to everyone!


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Jessiefido Premium
Great to hear from you Michael!

I hope all works out for the best my friend!

Have a super Sunday!
richardgb Premium
Hi Michael
I hope this works out for you Michael. Wishing you the very best.
The WA ranking doesn’t make any real difference of course.
Dhind1 Premium
We must take advantage of opportunities when we can. WA will still be here when this one has run its course.

Good luck

Newme202 Premium
I missed you Michael
Hopefully, this offline venture will be sorted soon
JeffreyBrown Premium
Best success to you in this endeavor, Michael!