Small Success! I never thought to ask.

Last Update: July 20, 2017

Hello all,

It’s been a busy week so far tending to my list of tasks to correct things on my website. Every day and night is working on my site. There is always something that needs attention.

Today I turned my attention to the next post for my site that has been giving me a challenge. I found a product I want to promote that I feel will be a great addition to my niche. My challenge has been finding good pictures of this product. My affiliate offers this unit, but the one or two pictures they have are not very good. So I went on the hunt!

The manufacturer of this devise has an awesome website. They do not however offer an affiliate program. In order to purchase from them you would have to sign up as a distributor with a commitment of enough sales monthly or annually that I could quit my current employment and stay home. Yes, that much! I’m sparing all the details here on my lengthy phone call with them.

Back on their website later I find they have a “chat with a live person” option. So I posed my question, "If I promote your product on my website, can I use your website pictures on my website?" The reply back after a minute or so was, “Yes, as long as they remain unaltered". I had never thought to ask before.This was wonderful news! Finally some good pictures to go with my post. They also have a great product video on their site that I was able to find on YouTube, which I will also use. Along with this they have all of the important information on the product that I need. Side note: I did a screen shot of the "chat" conversation, just in case :0)

The price for this product is the same through my affiliate as it is on the mfg website, so no issue there. They have other similar items that my affiliate sells as well, that are very high dollar. I’m a bit shy to post those just yet. We’ll see what the future holds for that.

I guess the moral of this story is to stay in the game even when you hit a wall. Make that phone call. Ask that question. Even if you think it might be a big fat “NO”. Always be tenacious.

Maybe this can offer some ideas to others here in a similar situation. I truly hope so.

Anyway, happy hunting out there my friends!


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PBitzer Premium
Looks like your work is paying off...small steps along the way to much success. BTW, did you affiliate want to see how much traffic your website was getting already before they allowed you to be in their affiliate program. My health niche Affiliates all required my site to be getting a certain amount of traffic. WOndering if this is a common problem for us newbies?
markr0675 Premium
I had to apply for my affiliate (Amazon). I'm not sure what the requirements were but they accepted me. It took a week or so though. Unlike Google AdSense who rejected my first app. EBay is my other and they were easy to get.
I had an ok start to my site when I allpied. Pretty much in keeping with the Certification training. At that point a person should have some content.
The other issue with Amazon is that they only give you 180 days to sell something through them or they cancel the deal.
abdul11 Premium
Yes you have to convince them about your future plan and how your product will fit exactly at your site and tell them your plan for increasing your traffic , this usually happen with them they are requiring more visitors
markr0675 Premium
Its been a great positive thing for me movimg forward.
Thank you Abdul!
Hope your having a great weekend!
IWoodhouse Premium
cool lesson - thanks for the share!
markr0675 Premium
Thanks Ian !
Have a great weekend!
DebbieRose Premium
Good lesson to share.......thanks. Debbie
markr0675 Premium
Thank you Debbie!
Happy Friday!
markr0675 Premium
Thank you Randy. It really did make my day. Maybe my week.
rwaite3613 Premium
Thanks for sharing the information. Definitely going to file that away for future reference.