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Last Update: November 07, 2014

I have not yet seen Wa's lessons about facebook and pinterest, but I have been useing them both for years and have a few tips to share with you.


If you have friends or not on your personal profil is not importent.

You need to make a page, and that is where you need to get followers

Set up your page with nice cover and profile photos, add you website adress, and start sharing your posts.

To get followers (and that is the hard part ) you need to contact other pages, specially those that are within the same niche, but also others.

Send them a message and ask for a s4s (share for share) That means they share your page on their page, and you do the same.

It is hard to get people to share you when you page have few followers, so 90% might not even answer your message, but keep trying

You can also pay facebook to boost your post or page, you can select you audience, where they are, or what age-group and things like that.

It takes time, but I started my page in April last year and now I have close to 142 000 followers on my recipe-page (have never paid to boost anything)


This one is much easier and faster to build up

make your account and pin your posts.

Here it is smart to make some boards with other interests too, That way you attract more followers. You never know if someone that follow you because you have fashion or food board would want to make their own web-site about it. If they follow your account, they will be able to see every post you pin.

Search for pinners that have related pins or boards and start following them. On Pinterest mostly 90% follow you back. You can only follow 300 new pinners a day.

If you are lucky you will sooner or later be invited to pin to group-boards, or you can make your own group-board and invite your followers to pin to it.

Thanks to group-boards I can now reach more than 2 million people even thoug I only have 1480 followers on my own boards.

Be careful not to spam, (post same pin over and over in short period of time) You might be banned

This is the short version, if you have any specific questions or need any help to get started, just ask

Good luck, Marith

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GWaldron Premium
Thanks or the info Marith!
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Thank you for this Marith, it's very helpful!
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Thanks for sharing.
MisterWailor Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Eriksen Premium
Lovely reading! Saving this for later as well ! :) (my-to-do list is getting bigger then a decade here...) ^^)
davyrobot Premium
Hi Erik! -

Avoid 'Information Overload' - my friend!

Just Focus on the Great training here!


I'm sure the above link - will be of help! :)

** Have a Great Productive Day - Erik! **


And remember Rome wasn't built in a day...but they were laying bricks everyday!
Eriksen Premium
Thank you David! I know I should avoid it.... but as basicly everything beyond windows is new to me, I often find myself with 20 open tabs "investigating, trying and failing" along the lines. I try and reduce it and be aware and it sure has gotten a lot better after i found WA where it all is located within the same platform :) Thank you!! Going to check your blogpost now ^^
Eriksen Premium
Loved it! I am sure going to remind myself that message whilst working on my new idea (that Jaaxy gave me) ^^