Happy !!!

Last Update: November 22, 2014

Woke up this morning with a big smile on my face.

I actually always do that after an illness that almost killed me in year 2000.

But this morning it was a different happy...

Yesterday, after 16 hours of almost non stop work, just eating in between, I finally was very pleased with my website.

I added W3 total cache plug-in and got the loading time for my site down from 14,2 sec. to 3,2 sec.

I added WP touch 3 plug-in and got a very pleasent look of my site on my mobile.

Don't worry, still have less than 10 plug-ins

After seeing that, the desktop version looked very boring, so I started to look for a new theme, and found the perfect one after checking out billions( can't remember the name)

Then I started to clean up menues, sidebar, sub-pages, parents and editing some of my older posts.

I have also been accepted to every affiliate I have applied for.

So, 16 hours later, 5:30 am I was finally happy with the outcome and went to bed.

Today is Saturday, and tonight I work in my rock-bar, my offline business, so I just decided to take today off from my online business. Today I will read, watch TV, play games and relax before I go to work.

And since I work in a bar, it will be a little bit of celebration tonight, cheers

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cfabroa Premium
That's true dedication. I'm glad to hear you are taking a much needed break after putting in so many hours. That's being balanced. Thank you for sharing your Happiness. Happiness can be contagious. I hope it continues to spread.
Marith Premium
Thank you
Bill67 Premium
Well Done keep up the fun
Marith Premium
AngelaHall Premium
:) excellent! you deserve the break and have fun at work.
Marith Premium
Thank you Angela, it was good fun
GWaldron Premium
Downtime is a good thing. Always make time for downtime. Life sometimes comes at you strong.
Marith Premium
You are right, we all need a break sometime
jghwebbrand Premium
Hi Marith,

Thank you for sharing your success with the WA community. I know how much time you put in to get your website the way you like it because I also experienced the same situation. I did not know about the plugin that reduces the websites loading time. I will have to check it out.

I wish you all the best and may your site start bringing you some nice traffic and conversions that result in some income.

Have a great celebration and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

Marith Premium
Thank you George, traffic is good, but no sales yet, but I know I will get there. two months ago I hardly knew what a website was.....
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, but I wish you a good one