How to Write a Sales Letter

Last Update: September 24, 2016

After putting it off for ages and then writing some appalling sales letters, I have produced one, not perfect, but quite good.

I am proud of it.

I finally focused on my target market.

It happened after spending four hours wrestling with the sales letter I need for my membership site. I used the outline for the letter from a book I have about Internet marketing.

I followed the suggestions and managed to produce a letter that was reasonable.

But I knew it wasn’t right.

It didn’t grab me!It seemed more like a school essay.

I had a brain wave and sent my draft to an acquaintance who is very successful online.

I asked him to critique my letter.

“Before I do.” he said, “I want you to judge your draft against the following sales page elements.”

The steps he presented have helped me produce my first passable sales letter.

To be honest, it was better than that, and my mentor was amazed at what I produced.

The points I used follow.

How to Write a Sales Letter

Compose your letter incorporating the points in chronological order.

  • 1.Know your target audience. (Are you looking for……………..?)
  • 2.Write a headline that contains the desire or problem your target market has.
  • 3.Relate by acknowledging you understand the problem or desire.
  • 4.Tell the reader what you can do to solve their problem.
  • 5.Show how you are qualified to help.
  • 6.Give some content. Educate the reader about the solution.
  • 7.List the benefits of your product or service.
  • 8.Present social proof. (Testimonials)
  • 9.Make an irresistible offer.
  • 10.State why they should buy now. Inject scarcity.
  • 11.Give a guarantee. Eliminate risk.
  • 12.Present a call to action.
  • 13.Offer bonuses.
  • 14.Sign off with a friendly greeting.

I feel as if I have accomplished something today. I hope you experience the same feeling.

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Thank you that is very helpful. I will bookmark this
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Congratulations and thanks for the useful tips.
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Great Post .. well done on your achievement and great training here too .. thank you. Cheers, William.
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Hi Marilynm, well done. You have covered all the main points. Irv.
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Well done! :-)