I have many short stories based on real events and would like any advice on what is the best way to have them published, e.g

1. as blog posts on my WA Affiliate Bootcamp site ? This is my first and only site at the moment, and I would need to link each story to the theme of the site ; or

2. compile them into a book and see if any publisher would be interested in publishing it in the form of a conventional book ? or

3. make them into a e-book ? or

4. any advice would be most appreciated.

If No. 2 or No. 3 above are better options, would anyone please give me advice on how to go about publishing a conventional book or an e-book, please ?

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards, Margaret

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tinamarie Premium
I like both ideas. Tina
PatriciaGR Premium
Great advice from you all, hadn't ever thought about the e-book approach. Where do you go for info on how to compile this, Kindle/Amazon or elsewhere?
BIS Premium
If you want to write a book for Amazon/ kindle - the best approach is to go to their site and read their criteria etc first. Save you a lot of time.
Hudson Premium
I would recommend the e-book approach. You do not need to get through a publisher; you are the publisher, well with Kindle or Amazon. Sure you will have to promote your book but with the experience which you gain here at WA this should not be too big a challenge. I recently worked on an e-book and it is amazingly simple - and it's yours! Let me know if you need any help,
MargaretY Premium
Thanks a lot, Hudson. Will definitely call on your help. God bless.
georama Premium
You may do all the options. Start with blogging one or two of them, you will come to know from the comments how they are received. As a second step compile them as an e book then so on, tks.
MargaretY Premium
Thanks for the advice. Yes, getting some feedback would be useful. OK - will do that.
cena1975 Premium
I'm about to do the same. On a real life cat story. I consider doing an Ebook. But how many pages should be and how many words needed?
If really plubish will give 50% profit to cat welfare society for each download. :)

Just another project in my mind. Might work on it late this year.
MargaretY Premium
Great - so I am not alone with this. Good luck with your project, and your 50% to cat welfare is commendable.