A Sudden Big Burst of Amazon Sales

Last Update: June 21, 2017

I've just seen this:

A deeper look reveals that these sales came from my tablet mini niche site (see the tabletnichesite-20 tracking ID):

56 items were ordered on the 14th of June:

Most of these earnings were actually credited to me on the 3 days following this:

Products bought (on 14th June only):

  • 24 x Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • 18 x Simbans Presto 10 inch tablet
  • 14 x AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers (A100)

I'm going to assume that this is some kind of freak event rather than a genuine upward trend that will continue. I've not done any work on my tablet site for many months, so there's no achievement on my part here. So please don't congratulate me or say "well done". Please reserve that kind of praise for members who actually deserve it because they have been working on their websites.

My best educated guess for what happened here is that somebody bought all these products for their business. The webcam and speakers indicate an office trying to set itself up for virtual conferencing. The tablets may be related so that staff out traveling can easily communicate via Skype with staff in the office.

Most customers on Amazon won't buy this many products in one go, so this is clearly just a freak event.

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nathaniell Premium Plus
The first one seems like an accident. Several accidents start to be a trend. Maybe a sign you should keep working on that tablet site!
Marcus1978 Premium
Could be! I've had 10 more sales since this...
4Hamsters Premium
Wow thats great! good bit of motivation.

Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Marcus, great to hear! Sales activity works in very strange ways sometimes, often times a new story can create newfound volume in sales or in your case, people buy things in bulk for their place of work.

Nonetheless, as you scale out your businesses this sort of thing will happen with more and more regularity. The unusual has a tendency to become "usual" when it comes to earnings.
Marcus1978 Premium
Thanks Kyle. I've sold 10 more products since then. Not quite sure what's going on...
DaveSw Premium
I like freaky events (sometimes)! : )
Marcus1978 Premium
Bart87 Premium
Happy for you, Marcus!
Marcus1978 Premium
Thanks Bartman :-)