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I've just seen this:A deeper look reveals that these sales came from my tablet mini niche site (see the tabletnichesite-20 tracking ID):56 items were ordered on the 14th of June:Most of these earnings were actually credited to me on the 3 days following this:Products bought (on 14th June only):24 x Logitech HD Pro Webcam C92018 x Simbans Presto 10 inch tablet14 x AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers (A100)I'm going to assume that this is some kind of freak event rather than a genuine upwa
Okay, so I may not actually leave WA (but I might), but I wanted to write a title that would get you interested. I am definitely at a crossroads now. I've got some thinking to do, as I need to consider which way to go next. Some background...You may or may not remember a month ago I wrote How Are My Sites Doing? What Should I Focus On?, in which I said that my niche sites had not earned me much money so I was going to focus on my Earn Money with Marcus website. But now I'm not so sure.You may a
June 02, 2017
Just saw this appear in the SiteRubix menu:Not used it yet, but there is a tour:UPDATEJust had a quick play with it. I like it, it's good.Things I like:Seems really quick and easy to use.Can quickly check for spelling and grammar.Can publish straight to your website.Templates will save a lot of time for people.Things missing:Can't add images.Can't add categories or tags.Can't save to website as a draft, only publish.
I'm just coming to the end of watching How I Research a New Niche so I can write a post about it on my website. I think this is the best training Jay's done out of the one's I've seen so far. This gives me a lot of clarity about how to research a new niche, and this opens up new enthusiasm in me for possibly starting in a new niche at some point in the future. I know Jay didn't have much time to go into huge detail with the live examples, but it's the numbers formula which is the real key here.
I've decided to give the Professional version of Hootsuite a try. I already have experience of using the free version of Hootsuite, but now I am going to try the Professional version. I've signed up to the 30 day trial so I can fully try it out first.I decided I definitely needed something like this, particularly for the scheduling. It's important to be able to schedule posts to go out at various times of the day to catch when different people are online.I've already got the following set up in
For ages I have been using an exit-intent popup on my website. My thinking was, if I wait until someone goes to leave my website, I'm not interefering with them reading my content.However, recently I have been doing some split-testing between different popup timings.It turns out, displaying the popup immediately is much more effective. I compared two popups that were exactly the same apart from the timing, and these are the conversion rates:Exit-intent: 2%Immediately: 7.1%This is a really big d
I just came across this interesting video:Why The YouTube Algorithm Will Always Be A MysteryIt basically says that the people at YouTube wouldn't be able to tell us how their algorithm works even if they wanted to. This is because it uses machine learning technology to determine which videos to recommend to people. This means it's not necessarily going to show the best videos. For example, if the goal is to maximize viewing time, it might prioritize clickbait style videos that draw people in an
Not only can you use Canva to Create Twitter Friendly Images, you can also use it to create YouTube video thumbnails:Eye-catching video thumbnails like this are more likely to stand out and therefore be clicked by people.
Did you know that Canva has a section of layouts designed specifically for use with Twitter? Well, you do now! In just a minute or two you can create something eye catching like this for FREE:
I've never actually got round to using Mass Planner yet myself, but I have referred a few people to it as an affiliate. I was planning to start using it in the future once I finally get to grips with social media.But today I saw this email:It turns out that Instagram forced them to shut down. BLIMEY!If Instagram has the power to close down Mass Planner, does this potentially mean the end for other social media automation tools too?Think about it. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is the 3d