100 Followers in 1 Week

Last Update: December 11, 2018

I just logged on tonight to check my notifications and alerts. The plan was never to stay on for too long as I have some admin things for my sites to sort out.

Two hours later I am still here.

Logging on tonight started the same as always. I checked my notifications, welcomed a few newbies, commented on a few posts and then checked on my profile.

Friends I am shocked for days!

In just 1 week since I posted the blog of my network reaching 600, I have gained 100 new followers right here on WA!

Shocked for days I tell you! Especially since I have been rather busy the last week. I must have logged in only 8 hours or so in the last week, but still somehow managed to rank to 225 (effective now) and grow my network to 700!

So I am once again writing to you, the community and my followers to thank you for putting your faith and friendship in me by following me here on WA. Without you guys this platform would just not be the amazing space it is today.

May you all continue to help and support each other as you have done for me, and I vow to do the same until my computer's last dying breath (^^,).

Until then, I will be here networking even more.

See you all in live chat!

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Jenna11 Premium
Congratulations, Marchelle!!
Great job!!!

Aloha, Jenna
DavidKellas Premium
Actually Marchelle1, I currently have 77 followers (I think, if it is my network statistic) and I got them in 5 days of being a new member. Kinda cool right?

Such an active community needs to be looked after.

Nice blog post and congratulations on your 100 followers! nice rank!

David Kellas
Marchelle1 Premium
True that! And welcome to WA David. I wish you nothing but success here with us :)
qrwizard Premium
Congratulations, Marchelle! You're gooood ;-)
I'll try to follow your lead.

Marchelle1 Premium
I see you have already been following my lead! Ranking 1000s of spaces ahead in just 2 days speaks for itself :)
qrwizard Premium
Well, I am working full time WA for the next 40 days...
Lucky me, I can do it because I don't do 9 to 5.
I hope this effort will finally become something I can teach others.
Keep it up!
Marchelle1 Premium
Oh yes definitely! Make the most of it and milk it for your money's worth. Also remember to work on your own sites as well and you will surely earn your first commission pretty soon.

BTW once you are a Premium member for 3 consecutive months on WA you can start posting your own training right here. You can maybe start working on training topics in this time to go live as soon as you are Premium for 3 months. Lots more commissions to be earned through that!
qrwizard Premium
I certainly will work on training. I have been a teacher for 25 years and I love to share what I learn from others
Thank you once again
Vickic3 Premium
Isn't Wa the best Marchelle and as you grow, more and more people will connect with you but also remember your business comes 1st
Go well
Marchelle1 Premium
Very true Vicki :) WA really is the best (and so addictive sometimes haha)
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats and looking forward to your continued success in 2019.

Have a great holiday season.

Marchelle1 Premium
Thanks Mark. And you too hey :)