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December 11, 2018
I just logged on tonight to check my notifications and alerts. The plan was never to stay on for too long as I have some admin things for my sites to sort out.Two hours later I am still here. Logging on tonight started the same as always. I checked my notifications, welcomed a few newbies, commented on a few posts and then checked on my profile.Friends I am shocked for days!In just 1 week since I posted the blog of my network reaching 600, I have gained 100 new followers right here on WA! Shock
I recently celebrated one year of marriage to the most amazing man in the world. We had been dating for 7 years when we finally walked down the aisle and said "I do".There is not a single moment in my life that could compare the amount of joy and happiness I felt at that exact moment. I am sure a lot of you will agree with me. But boy, did I have my hands full leading up to that day!Getting married is the best thing ever, but planning the wedding is literally my worst nightmare. There was just
December 04, 2018
What a beautiful way to start this festive season and end of a very productive day!My network at WA just reached 600! This means 600 people is following me. Now this for me is major seeing as how it took me forever to actually grow my network in the first place.I am following nearly 3 times as many people though, but nevertheless I am happy to have any followers at all.So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all 600 of you who are following me already. I am looking forward to connecting wi
Hi everyone! So my article is a bit delayed because of my personal writing obligations to one of my clients. But, here it is: Business Idea #2 Design Logos for Small Businesses. Firstly, we all know that a brand is recognized by its logo. Every logo must be unique and eye-catching in order for people to remember your brand. If you think about it, when you started your first website, the first thing you probably thought of was what your website must look like and whether you need a logo.Logo des
On today's agenda I will be looking at the first most common business idea for beginners in the online business. In the past people used to depend on retail stores business hours to do their shopping, but with the convenience of the internet and multiple online stores, we can now do our shopping online.More and more people are expected to go online as a first resort for anything as per speculations around the 2019 online world development. With so many people going online to buy, you have nothi
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In the recent few days there was an increasing trend that I noticed from newbies requesting assistance with choosing a niche for their site. For me the response was alarming, because everyone just gave advice along the lines of: "choose a niche according to what you know a lot about and can make money from."Now honestly speaking, that advice is not so bad. It helped me because I knew immediately what I needed to make my niche (after I did a little introspection). But what about giving that advi
Since my last blog, I have climbed in rank... In the negative way. My goal for last month was to reach Top 200 and become a WA ambassador. But then I landed a major contract and got to travel for a bit and before I knew it I was getting so busy that I had less and less time to hang out WA.At first I was kind of upset with myself and discouraged because I did not meet my goal. Currently I am ranked 2370 which I suppose is not so bad, but further away from 872 since my last blog.It took me a whil
I firstly just want to apologise for being a little absent lately from the WA platform. I would have love to post here a little more, welcome a lot more newbies, comment on a lot more sites, answer a whole lot of questions, and meeting all of you here on WA. However, as it so happens I have just landed my first big client.I am actually so excited about landing the new client because this means that my hard work is not in vain. So many hours of doing research, typing articles, promoting my site,
September 27, 2018
I woke up this morning feeling like today will be a great day. Ironic I would say especially since I am out with the flu and my voice is literally gone.But even though my actual voice is gone, I realised this presented me the opportunity to use my fingers as my voice... This is something I actually enjoy doing but haven't had the time to do. Funny how this is exactly how I landed on Wealthy Affiliate in the first place...Anyway, today I just want to write this blog to welcome all the new member
September 23, 2018
My WA journey started in January this year when I was booked off sick after having an adenotonsillectomy. As time was all I had, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate while just randomly searching for ways to make money from the comfort of your own home.I was so excited when I saw all that WA had to offer and it didn't take me long to upgrade to Premium membership. The progress that I had made in my first few weeks after joining was very rapid and I figured that I would run through all the courses