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Last Update: November 17, 2018

Definitely, most of the WA members, no matter, if he or she is a native English speaker or not, proofread their posts and only then push the button "Publish" with a sense of accomplishment. However, it is not a secret that here at WA every day you come across the posts with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. I want to share the proofreading programs I have been using for a long time. They are simple, free and I love when they grade my pitiful attempts to express my thoughts undeservedly high. Both of the programs are available online in free and paid versions. The first is PaperRater at There is no need to register, just open the link and push the button "UseNowFree".

Upload the text file or paste your text into the text box.

In the drop-down menus under the text box select your education level, type of the paper, and skip or include plagiarism detection. Check the checkbox "I have read and agree to the terms of service and push the button "GetReport". That is it.

In the next window, you go through the links "Spelling," "Grammar" etc., correcting and editing your text.

The other proofreading program is GrammarCheck at, also straightforward and free. I usually use both of them; I noticed if one misses mistakes the other can detect them.

They say we learn only when we make mistakes. That's right, but I guess, only if we are fixing them. Taking advantage of these programs to correct our errors we improve not only our writing and speaking skills but the way we are thinking as well.

If you use some other programs for proofreading, I would appreciate your sharing in the comments.

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DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for the links to the resources.
MKearns Premium
I cant live without my Grammarly
JeannineC Premium
Good suggestions, thanks. It is indeed an issue here. Grammar and spelling does matter. Violations of either can irritate readers, who may have no idea why they just don't like your site. Merchants may choose not to work with you because they don't want their products in that type of environment. Spelling counts! Grammar counts! Check your work.
Fleeky Premium
Golden tip!
Thank you

NeptuneSiver Premium
I got it