Watch Jay Write an Article LIVE!?

Last Update: November 07, 2019

Would You Be Interested in Watching Jay Write an Article LIVE?

Hi Folks,

I've often thought about doing a live training class where you watch me write a piece of content live and I would like to know if this would be of interest to you?

The format would certainly be different as I would not be as engaging as my other live training classes because I would need to concentrate on the article being written. This to me seems a bit boring, but I would like your thoughts!

So, please let me know in the comment below, Would You Be Interested in Watching me Write an Article LIVE?

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Helen123 Premium
I think this would be incredibly useful on several levels..

To see the level of research you do, where you go, what you latch onto..

How you write.. structure, style, personalisation..

How you set up your articles. I recently did one using my divi builder. I’ve yet to ask for comments but I Think it’s too busy..

I’m thinking for different levels of experience it would be a valuable webinar.. I think I write quite well but I’m sure you’ll have a few very interesting tips that will help me.
annhariz12 Premium
Yes, please.
JerryMcCoy Premium
It would be interesting at the least. It would also give us a way to judge our own writing styles.
BenjisDad Premium
I would love to peer inside the mind of jay neil. I hear it’s a scary place at times.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Jay, I can see how you would think that is boring, but I am sure you would find a way to engage anyway. Even while concentrating on your article.

I think it would be an awesome way to see how you think and work on articles.

I look forward to seeing it!