SiteSupport Ticket Response: 3 Minutes

Last Update: July 03, 2017

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to share with you how awesome the SiteSupport system is here at WA.

I ran into a small issue with one of my sites to the point where I needed help. So, I entered my support question with as much detail as possible and within 3 minutes - BOOM! I received a reply telling me that the issue is fixed.

If you ever need support for your site to the point where you need to open up a SiteSupport ticket. Here is how you do it:

1) Go here:
2) Go through the 4 prompts
3) Enter the core details of your issue
4) Be as specific as possible
5) Attach a screenshot of the problem
6) Wait for a reply

By following these steps, it will make it easier for the support team to help you out. Depending on the complexity of your issue, it make take moments to solve or hours.

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Phil-58 Premium
did that today
very quick response
NicoleJBN Premium
I totally agree. SiteSupport here at WA is awesome. They need a special shout out.

I had to submit a ticket this morning after I requested the SiteSpeed BETA. It crashed my website to the point that it vanished and got replaced by the WA placeholder page, indicating that no web space has been set up for this domain yet.

So, explaining in details what issues you're having and including screenshots goes a long way and the great tech team had my website restored, issue resolved (the caching plugin "W3 Total Cache was the culprit) and SiteSpeed working correctly in a matter of 15 minutes.

Thanks for posting this, Jay. The SiteSupport team deserves all the attention they can get. :)
DarleneB Premium Plus
I actually used site support twice yesterday. Within minutes I received an answer back saying the problem was fixed. Compared to other hosting companies I've used, these guys are totally amazing. I'm so glad I switched to WA
justcruzin Premium
I guess even gurus need help sometimes. I have not had to use site support but I hear they are pretty awesome.
JaRoDavis Premium
Hi Jay, 100% correct! This post popped out at me because I actually did a support ticket in regard to FTP log in JUST yesterday morning before I left out to a venue. I made the ticket, I arrived to the venue in about 5 mins(2 exits from me,) pulled out my laptop and in about 10mins time they already fixed the issue!

I agree, they're awesome! Great video trainings by the way!