My Commonality with Thomas Edison

Last Update: August 23, 2018

Over the course of my affiliate marketing career, I have been involved in a few niches. In no particular order, here are few…

  • surveys
  • golf swings
  • male enhancement products
  • libido enhancer for women‎
  • football snack helmets
  • japanese toilet seats
  • local marketing
  • SEO
  • make money online
  • kindle accessories
  • pick up artistry
  • divorce
  • marriage help
  • cookware
  • cooking
  • office furniture
  • strollers
  • baby car seats
  • local directory sales
  • beer making
  • improve resumes
  • maui travel resources
  • Anthony Weiner dolls
  • Hi-Fi Headphones
  • gaming headphones
  • luxury beauty
  • hoodia weight loss
  • weight loss
  • dieting
  • domain flipping
  • lambo (gullwing) doors

Some have had success and most have not worked for me.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is someone whom I look up to and I’d like to share a few of his quotes.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work…”

See the commonality there? Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. He's been quoted stating that "The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

It's OK to "not work for me.."

My point in this short post is to let you know that it is completely normal for people to not succeed within a niche and to keep plugging away.

Your lightbulb is coming try just one more time..

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smokeywins Premium
While no one really likes the idea of failure, sometimes it is the only real way to learn and grow. The key is to not let failures stop you from pursuing something you love. As you said, we just need to keep trying to finally have our "lightbulb" moment. Thanks for sharing!
EddySalomon Premium
Well said Jay. But most of us have been trained from grade school to fear failure. Entrepreneurs are a rare breed because we tend to be able to push past our fear of failure and do it over and over again until something hits.

I think it may be worth creating a webinar on the proper mindset to succeed in this business. It should almost be a requirement before diving into the training. Because I see so many people come into this business with an employee mindset. So I would love for you to create a webinar where you walk through tons of examples of successful entrepreneurs who learned to change their mind set.

You can call it "how to over come fear and fail forward to success!"
Let it marinate. lol
littlemama Premium
This is so true! I have heard another person say that the fastest way to success is to fail as fast as you can and as many times as you can.

Without failing, you can’t find your success!

I have personally tried several heavily time invested ventures that never satisfied me the way affiliate marketing has and I owe it all to WA because I tried this before but I didn’t know what I was doing.

This time when I wanted to try affiliate marketing again, I wanted to make sure I had the right guidance and found WA!

I made the best decision ever coming here!

Thanks Jay for all your help in my journey!

PS- I thought he was holding a “JayCoin”! :)
magistudios Premium
JayCoins will be given out in WAVegas2019 to spend at the casinos.. lol
littlemama Premium
Can’t wait to get one!! ;)
nathaniell Premium
LOL excellent photoshop skills Jay.

I have a good question for you.

The failures always make sense in hindsight. You can see how they contributed to your current success, and they're just a fun story to tell.

But how to you maintain inspiration and work ethic when you're right in the middle of a failure?
magistudios Premium
Hey Buddy!

I'd like to be very clear is that I didn't fail in any of the niches.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Failure definition is - omission of occurrence or performance.

I did not omit any sort of performance while working on those niches.

re: work ethic
Growing up, I was a high performance athlete which taught me that hard work earns rewards. So, that is just something that I've always had since I was young.

re: maintain inspiration
We all have reasons why we started within the affiliate marketing world and specifically why we joined Wealthy Affiliate. For me, I still use my own reason as a source for inspiration as it is one of my driving forces to be awesome.
nathaniell Premium
I can see how training as an athlete can prepare you mentally for 'delayed gratification', and how to work hard even if results will come through later.
magistudios Premium
Come to think of it, I do a lot of visioning.

This is where you imagine or project your success.
It's important to be as specific as possible for this process.

I know it sounds like a bunch of 'fluffy new age dogma', but it works for me.

Oh yeah, and listening to heavy metal while working keeps me rolling.. lol
mystyle Premium
Wow, wow wow and wow Jay thanks for such an inspirational post. you remind me of my best Author Napoleon Hill the book entitled think and grow rich... i am here at wealthy affiliate because of the words i got from that book.

Today i don't procrastinate and i do not have complaints in life generally.

I have faith that one day i will succeed.
lmwhite Premium
Love love love this post. “Keep plugging away” is the best advice you can give an aspiring affiliate marketer.

I will also add that some of my websites were a year old before I started seeing first page results on Google. It takes time to build authority in the blogosphere. (I can’t believe my iPhone recognizes that word!) But my point is that those who stick with it are the ones who will reap the rewards.

Looking forward to tonight’s training! I hope to see you all there.
jetrbby80316 Premium
I cant believe I'm seeing this.

Jay, your timing for this most inspirational post is impeccable.
I JUST published this related post - we must be telepathic!
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hi Jay AKA Wizard of Magistudio 's
It means a lot when we read that Wizard Jay of Magi{C}studios
Also has Crashed Niches;so we are encourage to get back up
and as suggested try one More time . I think Thomas Edison must be the Most Quoted American Thank you for sharing .Much appreciated
marycmiller Premium
Hey Jay this is probably one of the best ways of looking at things. It is really easy to give up when it is frustrating and not working, we all rush to call it a failure. When in fact it is just another way that doesn't work so keep searching for what does work.
mbouteiller Premium
Nice ... Ummmm I'm way too stubborn to give up!!

I love my lightbulb... sometimes it just flickers and that's like, 'ok, I THINK I'm getting it'. Sometimes it just dies and in my heart, it never felt good anyway. Throw it away and move onward and forward.

BUT, when it shines brightly, I laugh, sometimes hysterically and whack my head and say 'Really? Why didn't I get it before?.. I got it!' Oh my... that is such a wonderful feeling. No matter how small it is, I learned something and it WORKS!

Yes... I talk to myself!

So yes, I agree, it's definitely OK to have a niche that doesn't work for you.

That lightbulb is waiting to be turned on... my late husband always said 'NEVER EVER GIVE UP'! If you want something badly, keep pushing yourself. Come up with new ideas and do what we have all been taught to do here.
nurselizstar Premium
Oh my, my, my...I see this list and immediately think several things:
1) It didn't work for him :>)
2) What an interesting life he's led to come up with these niches (male enhancement products, libido enhancer for women, Japanese toilet seats (LOL)
3) With so many niches NOT working for him, I wonder which ones actually did?
4) I've got a long way to go Baby!

All in all, a very interesting and humorous list and blog. I enjoy you sir and look forward to many more tidbits of wisdom I can garner from you experience. I have come to terms with knowing my first niche won't be my last, and I'm okay with that!

MarkA1 Premium
Yes! The reason so many people never get anywhere is that they never finish what they start. I know, I used to be one of those. Most of the time they give up, figuring it's never going to work or that they're never going to get it right. Do that a few dozen times in a lifetime and all you're doing is reinforcing it. I hate that I'm finally doing this in my mid-40s, after being one of those people for my entire life before this. But if it serves any purpose, I guess it just makes me more determined to speed things up.
TonyHamilton Premium

thank You for sharing with us that even the Infamous "MagiStudios" has failed!

It definitely lets us all know that just because 1 or more things don't work for us that there is always and will a
always be the opportunity to move forward with another idea!

Your time and communication is and always will be appreciated my Friend.

Thank You for always Sharing & Caring,

magistudios Premium
I have not failed Tony. I've just found 10,000 niches that won't work FOR ME. :)
TonyHamilton Premium
Absolutely True Jay! ME TOO my Friend :)
TonyHamilton Premium
I also love the Thomas Edison Quote and I Love the Graphic with You as His LightBulb Idea even moreso :)
IWoodhouse Premium
Thanks for the post jay - I just hope I am on the low side of 10,000 tries....
JWhite5 Premium
Timeless advice I appreciate you for your transparency.Jay you could not have reveal this about you if you were not humble. The webinars and training haven’t made you develop the superiority complex! That is refreshing! Thanks for sharing!
Vickic3 Premium
Great post- Determination and persistence get results eventually
Keep up the great search Jay
RenDu Premium
Said like a scholar...
dragonfly10 Premium
Thank you, Jay, for your comments which indeed emphasize the need for persistence. I also have just started working with Elementor which you mention on the webinar on themes. Thanks for the tip.
VitaliyG Premium
I'm so simple minded, when I opened this, the only thing I assumed was that you both had a lot of light bulbs pop up in your heads ;D
magistudios Premium
No need to state the obvious Vitaliy.. lol
keishalina9 Premium
Absolutely! ... merci d'avoir faire faire ce 'blog' aujourd'hui ... :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for the post.

So many niches WOW. I think you are amazing for having so many. This shows character.

See you in the Webinar
btwilkins Premium
Hi Jay.

Are you suggesting to try a different niche if it isn't working for you?

Or is it more of an encouragement to try different techniques within your niche?

I think a lot of people fall prey to the 'sunk cost fallacy' ; they've invested so much time and thought into their sites that they don't realize they may be better off just trying something else.

Then again, I also read about people thinking it isn't working for them, only to suddenly make their 'breakthrough' in terms of traffic and sales.

So surely there's a balance between giving up to early and flogging a dead horse, so to speak?

Any input would be great.

Correct Benji you just beat me to the point! But then I noticed he says " did not work for me". Now I'm sure with this type of business model, if you plug away even for 4 years you will eventually make something.
Just maybe he felt his time was spent better somewhere else?

I would definitely like some input though.
btwilkins Premium
Yeah I guess he sums it up at the end when he says 'it is completely normal for people to not succeed within a niche and to keep plugging away.' Is that saying 'keep going?'
magistudios Premium
I am not suggesting anything Benji.

I am merely telling the story of my own experiences within affiliate marketing and how I went through several niches that didn't seem to work FOR ME.
magistudios Premium
Hi Brandon,

Some niches will convert better and faster than others and depending on the person and their patience, it'll work or it won't.

The big takeaway is that some niches didn't work for me.
magistudios Premium
For example Benji, your magic niche..

I would be able to
* build a site
* write some great content
* great brand authority
* and make some sales

But it wouldn't work FOR ME because I don't have an interest in magic.
btwilkins Premium
And your story is very valuable to newer members like us, so thank you :)

So I guess my rephrased question would be, what were the signs that told you your niches weren't going to work for you?

I just mean that it is hard (especially with your first site) to take an unbiased look at it and really evaluate its work-ability.
btwilkins Premium
Sorry, I typed my first response without seeing this.

I am currently at 2 of the 4 :)

That makes more sense- you mean not specifically in terms of how it works financially, but with you as a creator.

On a side note, you don't have an interest in magic??
Thank you!
Godsmack12 Premium
Definitely needed this. Thanks Jay.