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February 03, 2021
Prime Member. Such an accomplishment. I have learned a lot here at WA. I am still just a beginner and have a mountain of work and learning to look forward to. Thanks to my friends and family here at Wealthy Affiliate for their help and support. My niche is WA and this subject is going to keep me busy for a while. Better go for now I've got a lot of work to do. Frank
October 26, 2015
TopAchiever told me about this Windows Snippet Tool. This is a great tool for anyone with windows 7--8--10. I don't know about any other browsers but I tried it out and really like it. Here is TopAchiever's link to his training. Every one can use this tool. Thanks TopAchiever: a great day............Frank
November 03, 2014
I wanted to just post this little blog about the pas two days of problems on my computer. I am so knew at using computers that I just didn't know what could have been the problem. It is 12:33 pm Monday November 3rd and I just got the problem solved. Any way I tryed to get into my mail from FireFox and got a "cannot connect to server." Whatttttttt? What is this thing talking about? I tried to get to Wealthy Affiliate. Same box came up. WOW! I am in a heap of ?????????. So I went to Crome.
October 09, 2014
Hey every body, thought I would share some problems I had with my Websites and Amazon Links. Checked my sites last week and no Links showed up on my Pages/Posts. Couldn't imagine what the problem was. DashBoard I checked on my dashboard and the Amazon link code showed up on my Text Tab, but only as a blank box on my View Tab and not at all on my web pages. Called amazon and Hank, with Amazon Help, told me all I had to do was download an Amazon Link plugin. I did that and it didn't work. Next
October 08, 2014
Baby Boomers wanting to retire but are afraid of leaving their present job because of the bad economy right now. I retired a few years ago and today don't regret it. Back then I was pretty resentful. The co. I worked for DOWNSIZED 36 of us and closed the construction part of the co. Looking for something to supplement my income I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to start an internet business. My wife(Ginny) asked "What is your business plan?). Didn't have one. So I started surffing t
September 16, 2014
28,000 errors. Couldn't believe it. My computer went CRAZY yesterday. All of a sudden I started getting 100's of adds from "Powered by Media Player". These adds would come at a rapid pace, open up another window and delete the page I was working on. Frustrating is not the word for it--more like extremely--PO'd. Couldn't get anything to work to get this off my computer, so, I swallowed my pride and called Microsoft Support. The reason was I googled Video Media Player and Google told me th
Well. What is on my mind? Today is July 3rd, 2014. Thursday at 9:55 Am. Skies are clear and blue at 80 degrees and rising. Any way my thought for today is that I am at my computer enjoying a Tall Glass of Home Grown Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit Juice. Not a "Big Gulp". Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit is like a Fine Aged Whisky, You Should Sip----Not "Gulp"---but sip the juice and Enjoy the Flavor. AAAAAH! Love it. Off track, Sorry! While at the computer I am contemplating the 4th of July and the In
June 29, 2014
SOMETHING ABOUT THE FOURTH AAAH!!! The 4th of July. Family outing at the beach, Shrimp on the Bar-BEE,1 1/2 inch corn fed Angus Rib eye steaks, Colorado Gold potatoes, and the ever famous Blooming Onion. UMMM! Can't wait for the 4th of July 2014. Parades, Picnics, Bar-B-Q's, Games. Comes around every year. Everybody celebrates the 4th. Have you ever wondered, what does the 4th really mean. Any ideas? Do they even teach the meaning of the 4th in school any more? Independence Day, better k
Thank you crp2511. I love statistics. These are fantastic and everyone should look these up. crp2511 did a fantastic job bringing these to us. WOW!!! These stats are UNBELIEVABLE! Can you believe there are 39% who are using the internet world wide out of a population of 7.1 BILLION. Gee I wonder how many that is? Sounds like a lot. Hey, look at Obama's home town,Kenya. Him and Michelle - Bell must be proud. 13,805,311 of their beloved brothers and sisters on the internet. And the United States,
February 22, 2014
SOMETHING ABOUT FRANK I was born in 1947 in Austin Texas so I guess that makes me one of the Baby Boomers. I thought I would connect a little with this group of people so I am writing a blog and website about on line marketing to help out my fellow Baby Boomers retirement. Some of us are thinking of retirement and really some of us can't retire because of the economy. Had to go back to work just to protect what little we have. What if I could help out with a little extra income? Follow me throu