World of statistics---thank you crp2511

Last Update: Mar 19, 2014


Thank you crp2511. I love statistics. These are fantastic and everyone should look these up. crp2511 did a fantastic job bringing these to us.

WOW!!! These stats are UNBELIEVABLE! Can you believe there are 39% who are using the internet world wide out of a population of 7.1 BILLION. Gee I wonder how many that is? Sounds like a lot. Hey, look at Obama's home town,Kenya. Him and Michelle - Bell must be proud. 13,805,311 of their beloved brothers and sisters on the internet. And the United States, WOW, 259,295,536 on the internet. No wonder Obama wants RENT CONTROLS on the internet. This many people on the internet with 81% penetration( sounds like that is pretty big) with a rank of 28.

Hey Guy's, all kidding aside here. crp2511 has done us a great service bringing these Stats to light. LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITIES!! We are in there and ready to launch.

Happy Days Friends----look this up from crp2511--

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Glad I could add something of interest! It does make you think...

Great info. Very interesting. Will bookmark the website.

Great statstics crp2511 discovered. Couldn't help but be impressed. Can you imagine 259 million people in America on the internet? Look at all the posibilities. To your good health..........Frank

That is pretty interesting! Kind of broadens the sales area doesn't it! If I could just get a nickel from each one, I'd be a happy camper! It would be a little more than $13,600,000.00, I could live with that!

Hey Cowboy, I believe I would have no trouble getting by on that sum and maybe squeeze in a vacation or two as well. To our great success.............Frank

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