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Last Update: Oct 8, 2014


Baby Boomers wanting to retire but are afraid of leaving their present job because of the bad economy right now.

I retired a few years ago and today don't regret it.

Back then I was pretty resentful. The co. I worked for DOWNSIZED 36 of us and closed the construction part of the co.

Looking for something to supplement my income I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to start an internet business.

My wife(Ginny) asked "What is your business plan?).

Didn't have one.

So I started surffing the internet and came across some interesting facts.

According to Wikipedia the definition----A Business plan is a formal statement of business goals.

A set of Business Goals: to tell you What--Where--When--and How is essential to any business starting out. Write down your plan in Big Block Letters and paste it on your computer or desk, where ever you will be able to see it and read it daily.

I just thought I would blog about Business Plans in hopes it might be helpful.

Check out my blog page:--

More ideas on how to build a Business Plan.

Thanks for reading, hope this blog is some help.

To Our Success.............Frank

Recent Comments


Thank you for this great post, Frank. I was like you for a long time - thinking I knew what I was going to do and not getting very far. Now I have made a plan and am making much better progress.

Frank I really like your site. It is so real and human..I feel like I'm with an old friend talking about important stuff. I'm sure your audience will respond well..given the right things to respond to.
Go really well from Janelle.

Thank you Janelle for your encouragement and kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site.
Happy Trails and have a great weekend coming up. To Our Success...........Frank

Your site is looking great and I really like the blog post! My husband's company just downsized and he is now looking for work. It's a bad situation but I really like your attitude and how you made it work for you. I wish you all the best!

Thank you mishands. I have "been there and done that". I know how hard and disappointed you both are. I was loyal to my company and intended to stay to retirement. I finally realized, to late I might add, that I was just a number, and my number was up. Cut and dried, 16 men were let go Monday morning in Austin Texas, and on Tuesday in Houston Texas the rest of us were let go. By the way---NO THANK YOU for loyal service served.
You and your husband will be bitter and resentful for a while, but keep your faith and ride out the storm. Things will settle down after a while and you and your family will adjust.
Unfortunately at my age my lay off came at a bad time for the field I was in. I am a Master Electrician, and still maintain my State License.
With 3 million men and women out of work it is hard to find a job.
Wealthy Affiliate is the answer. It won't come over night, you are building a business and it takes time.
I only started to work on this computer a few years ago and I can tell you now THIS IS A LEARNING CURVE FOR ME. My wife (Ginny) has been a great help since she started working on computers when they came out using punch cards, and had to have several thousand feet of space to house them in.
Oops! Getting a little long winded. Must go. Wife and I will put Ya'll on our prayer list and Good Luck to your husband in finding work.
To Your Success...........Frank

Thank you so much Frank. You made me cry a little because I haven't really said this out loud to too many people. Only our closest friends and family know. Not out of shame, but because we don't want anyone hurting in these lean times just to help us. Next May, I graduate and will have my Master's in Social Work so I'm hopeful things will be looking up then. (We won't talk about the student loans) I am so sorry you had to go through the experience you did. It is so painful to realize you meant nothing to a company or boss that you gave your best years to and helped them make money to feed their family. You are not a number and my husband is not a number. Rather, good men and hard workers with a family to support. I'm pouring my heart into this website because I believe in it, I believe in myself, I believe in God, and I believe in WA's community and founders. You give your wife a big hug and kiss and tell her I said thank you for the prayers. Thank you too. They are always appreciated. God Bless you and your family.

Thank you Melanie for the kind words. I am really sorry you and your family is going through these hard times.Congratulations on your Masters. I will give my wife a hug and you give your husband a hug and ya'll look to the future and leave the past in the past. Some of us just have to start over again.
To all your best---To Our Success here at Wealthy Affiliate............Frank

Nice Job,Frank.
Baby Boomers,I am one of many.
Great plan,And site.Ken

Hey Ken. Thanks for reading my blog. Yes I am a Baby Boomer as well and glad of it. Love being retired. In my website and blogs I hope I can give some useful tips and information.
I am following you now and hope you are doing well.
Looking forward to working with you and the community.
To Our Success...........Frank

Frank,Thanks and right back at you.Ken

Excellent post Frank, very well presented.
Baby Boomers, we are many. Thank you
for the advice, this is our businesses after all.

Thank you Ken. Yes, this is our business and helping each other here at Wealthy Affiliate couldn't be better.
Thanks for the kind words about my post, I appreciate it.
We Baby Boomers are strong at 70 million of us coming on line, at about 10,000 retiring daily for the next 20 years. Look out Brother "Changes they are a coming".
Thanks again Ken, Have a great day and To Our Success...........Frank

Frank, I like your website name, because the BabyBoomer generation is the largest generation, they have most of the money, and they are all about to retire. I am sorry you were forced into retirement, because I am at that age where I know what it feels like. I am hoping my earning from online creates a new revenue stream for me.
Your post is well written and I think it will get a lot of views. You are off to a very good start. Keep the fire burning and good success to you!

Hi Ken. I am now following you, and wanted to let you know I appreciate you reading my blog.
I am a retired Master Electrician, and nobody wanted to hire a 62 year old electrician when there are ever 3 million men and women out of work.
Any way, no regrets today. My co. did what they had to do.
I was intending to stay with this co. until I could not work any more.
Man I would have missed it.
I LOVE MY RETIREMENT. I love Wealthy Affiliate and am getting a lot out of it.
Plan your retirement. Get a planner, don't get blind-sided like I did.
This is all in my past and I am looking forward. I don't have time to look back----to busy.
Have a great day Ken and To Our Success........Frank

Frank , this is a very strong point that your readers will relate to on a very personal level. To embrace your forced retirement with such a positive attitude is a guidepost for many. Keep up the good work. J

Hey Frank. Turned into a hot one here today. Just left a comment. for you.
FYI. The Start by writing down, what I call Steps link goes to a photo.
Your WA link, TJ books, and the .gov do not work, you must copy and paste the, unless that was your plan.

Hey Skip. Thanks for the heads up. I corrected those links and the picture disappeared for some reason, so that is taken care of. The other links for some reason did not link properly so I re-linked them and they work fine now.
Fall weather, a little breezy, 80's, clear sky's. Planning a trip to the coast for a little R & R, that would include, of course, some much needed Surf Fishing along with a little night life to boot.
Happy days Skip, have "a good-un", I'm out-a-here..........Frank

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