Last Update: Sep 16, 2014


28,000 errors. Couldn't believe it. My computer went CRAZY yesterday. All of a sudden I started getting 100's of adds from "Powered by Media Player". These adds would come at a rapid pace, open up another window and delete the page I was working on. Frustrating is not the word for it--more like extremely--PO'd. Couldn't get anything to work to get this off my computer, so, I swallowed my pride and called Microsoft Support. The reason was I googled Video Media Player and Google told me this was a Microsoft Product. Needless to say I ended up going through 3 diffenent Indians before I could get anything done. Come to find out My computer has been ATTACKED by 1200 hackers plus 28000 errors. It cost me 99.98 US "Denaro" to fix my machine. And never could get these Indians to tell me what I needed to do to keep this from happening again. All they would tell me was not to worry I am now protected. Ok. Enough of my "Rant". Just wanted to let every one know to be careful when down loading anything. These hackers and this "Video Media Player" has "piggy-backed" on something else and you cannot find it. I deleted every down load I had dated for the months of August and September 2014. To Late. It was hidden and I couldn't find it. Still don't know how to protect against it. But Cleared now and hope I have no more problems...........Happy Days.........Frank

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sounds awful hope it is all cleared up and we all need to be vigilant

KatieMac. Yes everything is working fine now. Still haven't figured out how I got 1200 hackers on my little site. I certainly hope they enjoyed my blogs. Thanks for getting back to me. To Our Success........Frank

all that wrong attention pity it was not the other way around good visitors to your site,, have a great day

Thanks KatieMac. I hope you have a great day as well.To Your Success..........Frank

Thanks for posting.

I think the problem is in the Microsoft Windows. I am an advanced user of Windows and used it for many years. I've been working on Mac 5 months now and very happy and WILL never go back to Windows again :(

Hi rufat. I think you are right. Support tells me this will not ever happen again. Either they are ever-confident or know something we don't. Thanks for the come back and as always--To our Success...........Frank

I am glad you were able to take care of your problem. If you need some help with anti virus email me at and maybe I can help you pick one out just for your system. I am just offering my knowledge.
Good luck

Thanks a lot Tommy I've got more computers. I would appreciate any help. I will check out your Frank

Very sorry you had that problem, glad you had it taken care of.

Yes dynamite8 thanks for the comment. To Our Success........Frank

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