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I was born in 1947 in Austin Texas so I guess that makes me one of the Baby Boomers. I thought I would connect a little with this group of people so I am writing a blog and website about on line marketing to help out my fellow Baby Boomers retirement. Some of us are thinking of retirement and really some of us can't retire because of the economy. Had to go back to work just to protect what little we have. What if I could help out with a little extra income? Follow me through this website I am developing and see what you think?

I am taking courses at Wealthy Affiliate and can't say enough good things about Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The Economy

With the economy so bad the company I worked for closed their construction department and fired 52 men, my self, the CEO and several other department heads. I am a master electrician 66 years old and out of work. Sounds familiar, right? I have never been out of work in my life until now. I started working when I was eleven years old and haven't stopped until now. What a rude awakening!! With 13 million men and women out of work I think you can guess I wasn't very high on the list of new hires. I wasn't quite ready to apply for a Walmart Greater as yet. Not to fear!! I'll show them. I RETIRED!! Best thing I ever did. Believe me I LOVE RETIREMENT!!

Bore Goats and Auctions

Ginny and I have 6 acres of land in central Texas and raise a few Bore Goats, Mallard Ducks, a few guard dogs and love to go fishing. We love to go to a lot of different auctions around the state and since I have a Texas Auctioneers License we conduct an occasional Estate Auction. Lots of fun and once you start going, your hooked. Try it out some time, I think you would love it. You never know what you will come across at a Farm or Estate Auction. I was at a Farm Auction one time and they sold a box of rocks, that is right. Looked to me like river rock. I don't know but some one bought it. That is what I mean. You never know what is going to sell at an Auction.


Baby Boomers. How will Baby Boomers effect the economy? How will Baby Boomers effect the health care system? We are all thinking about retirement about now. Making a little extra passive income to add to that retirement income sure would help on those fishing trips and vacations we never got to take while we were working all those years. Extra cash could be a big help in health care and emergencies.

Internet Marketing makes a lot more than working at Wallmart, or Home Depot. The only thing is, how do you get started doing business on line? Great question. I didn't even know how to work on a computer until about three years ago. May be ya'll can relate. I grew up with a Big Chief tablet and a #2 led pencil. No calculator, no adding machine. And What in the World is a Computer? So. What do you do? You struggle for hours and hours trying to figure out how to get started in business on line, or you pick the brains of someone who has already made his money on line and will teach you the ropes. Look out for those scams. Check out everything, and I mean everything. Pick some one you can understand and not one that tells you something and then drops you and your standing there trying to figure out how to do what he told you to do. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and these guys are here to help. With the thousands in the community you can't ask a stupid question. Don't be timid. My mama always said if you want to know something you have to ask. So I wear these people out asking. I didn't grow up learning computer like these youngsters to day are. And I know some of you fellow Baby Boomers are just now learning. Gosh! My mother-in-law is 86 and she is working on the computer, so I know if she can do it I know I can.

Scams—Internet Scams

You are going to be scammed. Don't believe all these Guru's telling all you have to do is buy my program and push this button and make a thousand dollars. NOTTTTTTTTT!! No-- not going to happen. Been there and done that. Many times and lots of money later. I have done a lot of programs that promised to make me successful but they didn't work out. This is not a get rich quick system. This is a business. It takes---Oh-Oh---Hard Work! Consistant, steady, focused work to be a success. Nothing in this life comes easy and I haven't gotten any thing free yet.

Don't get me wrong. All of these guys are not Scamers. Lots and lots of legitement people out there. I picked Wealthy Affiliate because I got a week to try out their product before I made up my mind. They have a vast community you go to and ask advise as well as Kyle and Carson. And THEY CARE!! Now this is on your first week. They give you two free websites you keep whether you stay with them or not. After that it costs 47 bucks a month. I have been in programs that charge any where from 50 to 150 a month. These other programs were ok I guess but I didn't know how to use a computer much less understand what they were talking about. Oh. Yeah. They had great help. You just had to understand Indian. I don't. I understand ENGILISH.

Kyle and Carson

Kyle, Carson and the community take you by the hand and lead—I mean lead—you every step of the way and tell you everything you have to do. Don't worry. When they tell you how to do something they have videos to help and they don't stop until you understand what you are being trained.

OK. Guys. Take a look at the rest of my Website and let me know what you think. Leave a comment and check out Wealthy Affiliate. Check out their “creds” and tell me if they stand up or not. Let me know if I can help in any way. OH. Buy the way I DON'T SPEAK INDIAN.

To your Success------Frank

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iyoder101, thanks for tryinjg. I goofed up. I poste this blog to my profile page and my new website is still under construction. I don't have anything on the website as yet.......Frank

Ok Rick. Will do and thanks for the info. You really have been helping me out a lot. If I can do anything let me know............Frank

Rick. Just got in and booted up. Thanks for the compliment, and the caution about posting on WA and my Website. Should I take off my post here on WA before posting to my website or do I need to rewrite my post? Where would I list my post here at WA for fellow guidance without it being considered duplicate content? I am still trying to learn every thing here at WA and I really appreciate help. Thanks to everyone...........Frank

Hi Frank. I would rewrite it and post it on your website. Then post the link to your site here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/getting-started/please-give-me-feedback-on-my-website

Hi Frank. My our link did not work for me, possibly because you have "website--" highlighted as well? I typed in the URL and came to a new template page so I'm not sure if it's your's.

Hi Rick. I didn't post my blog to my website. I posted my blog on my Profile page here at Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to get some feed back on what I had written before posting to my website in case I needed to change anything or add any thing. My new website is http://babyboomersinterests.com but there is no pages or posts just yet. If you get a moment to read "About Frank" on my profile page I would really like to know what you think. Thanks Rick, I appreciate it...........Frank

Gotcha. You will need to be careful about posting the same thing on WA and on your website so it's not seen as duplicate content. You're a great writer so no issues with that. I would break it up into smaller paragraphs and make it easier to read. Otherwise, I think it's great and tells people about you and what WA can do for them.

I added a blog to my profile page, "ABOUT FRANK" that I wanted to use on my new website babyboomersinterests.com/
CONSTRUCTION and wanted to see if I could get some feed back and suggestions before I posted it. I am in course 1, lesson 3 in the Affiliate Bootcamp and I am working on my website. Can any body give some suggestions?

For some reason I am not able to download the site.

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