FireFox and Amazon Links

Last Update: Oct 10, 2014


Hey every body, thought I would share some problems I had with my Websites and Amazon Links.

Checked my sites last week and no Links showed up on my Pages/Posts. Couldn't imagine what the problem was.


I checked on my dashboard and the Amazon link code showed up on my Text Tab, but only as a blank box on my View Tab and not at all on my web pages.

Called amazon and Hank, with Amazon Help, told me all I had to do was download an Amazon Link plugin. I did that and it didn't work.

Next step?

Clear the cache, clear the cookies, clear the history, clear every thing. Did That. Didn't help.

Add some code for Amazon links into html. Didn't help.

Week past, pulling what little bit of hair I have left out. Nobody seems to know how to solve my problem.

What to do?

I set back and began to think.

What haven't I tired?

I remembered what my wife(Ginny) told me one time,"When all else fails, reboot and start over".

Good Advice.

Well, what do I have to loose? Can't be any worse than it already is can it?

So I got into FireFox and discovered that you can reset FireFox and not loose anything. You bring FireFox back to default.

Might as well try it.

I did and guess what?? It worked.

I guess FireFox got tired and fell asleep or forgot what it was supposed to be doing. Don't know but all my Advertising links are back on my pages now.

Similar problems

I don't know if anyone else has had a problem similar to this or not. But I thought I would share my woes and solution.


For some reason FireFox goes a little crazy sometimes and you have to kick it in the but and start over.

Happy Trails Everyone. Maybe this blog will help out sometime.

To Our Success............Frank

Recent Comments


This was a fun read because I went through a bit of a challenge This week and had to sit back for a moment as well:) Happy it's all well with you now:)

I've used Firefox for years, tried Chrome and hated it! Glad you got it sorted!

Glad you managed to resolve it

Hi Frank, Firefox was my browser of choice, due to everyone at WA saying switch to Google Chrome, I did. And I HATE IT!

I agree with you refresh, reboot (restart computer), and go from there.
It dose resolve a lot of problems.
Thank you for sharing.

Hi kynamite8 thanks for your comment. Listen. I had trouble with Enternet explored, then switched to Chrome, and had trouble with them.. As so with FireFox. But I like FireFox and I agree with you, You Have to "Kick um In The Butt" every now and then.
Happy Trails dynamite8
Have a good day
To Your Success................Frank

Hi Frank. I have had some problems with Firefox so went to Chrome and all is well. I will look again at Firefox. Thank you for raising this. best wishes.

Thank you Marilyn. I appreciate your comment. After pulling most of my hair out(not very much as it is) I was finally able to get back on track with FireFox. I have always liked FireFox, except, I have to admit they go kind of crazy some times and I finally figured out you just have to "Kick um in the Butt" on occasion to get them straightened out. Thanks for the suggestion, and the follow, I am now following you as well.
Happy Trails Marilyn, and To Our Success..........Frank

yeah Frank I use Google Chrome and seems to be working just fine you might take a look at it all the best

Thanks Maxiam I will do that. I appreciate the help. Have a good weekend.............Frank

I had never come across that issue before, bit thanks for the heads up. Do you have any idea what was causing that? Maybe a virus or rogue cookie somewhere? I have seen some of the black hat peopple selling products that claim to be able to steal Amazon sales right at the point of sale, sounds like one of them gone wrong!

Maybe someone who understands the inner workings of browsers could chip in with their opinion(s)? I am concerned as I have been getting loads of clicks on Amazon links but virtually zero conversion. When I started doing this I was getting at least one sale to every 100 clicks often more.

Hello Stephan. I really have no idea. Virus is a very good guess. I have been plagued with viruses and have had to bring my browser back to default several times. I think FireFox has experienced a lot of the types of problems. They recommend bringing FireFox back to default when you start having problems. Evidently FireFox blinks, coughs, or stumbles on occasion.
I would be very interested in some one with Browser experience doing a short tutorial.
I am all over the net, doing research, and have had virus's piggyback some of my down loads. You didn't do any thing wrong but you end up having to pay some one to clear this stuff of the work.
Thanks for the comments, and I am following you now. Have a great week end...........Frank

I use Google Chrome. Carson recommended it to another member earlier today. It seems to be one that doesn't get "tired" as often :) Good luck and I'm glad you got it figured out!

Thank you mishands. Personally, I have used Google Chrome and switch from Chrome To Fox. Couldn't ever get Explorer to work but out of the three I have had better luck with FireFox, if only they could get it settled down. Thanks for the heads up.
To Our Success.............Frank

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