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Last Update: Nov 3, 2014


I wanted to just post this little blog about the pas two days of problems on my computer.

I am so knew at using computers that I just didn't know what could have been the problem. It is 12:33 pm Monday November 3rd and I just got the problem solved. Any way I tryed to get into my mail from FireFox and got a "cannot connect to server." Whatttttttt? What is this thing talking about? I tried to get to Wealthy Affiliate. Same box came up. WOW! I am in a heap of ?????????. So I went to Crome. Same result. I downloaded an advanced security thing that cost me 49.99 and it said it cleaned out 23 bad stuff. One I had heard of before was Trojan. OK. Back to work right? No. same message. Man I didn't know what to do. Chrome said to go to some kind of setting and change "server settings." Change to what? How do you get to settings? What is a "server setting?" Plus. What do you do with it after you find it.

Hey friends. I know I sound "Dumb" but I Don't Know. A little while ago I called my Internet provider and got to talk to "George." George of course is an Ip person. A Trouble shooter. And I was very impressed with the service I got. George worked with me for about an hour and walked me through the hole process of resetting a server.

I won't go into any more details. I just thought this experience was worth sharing with my fellow Wealthy Affiliate friends and family.

Happy Trails Ya'll..................Frank

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Oh I feel your pain Macey man. If you can't connect you are up the crick for a frustrating while.

Just like being "Lost in Space-----DANGER--DANGER--Will Robinson"
All is well on the home front now that I have gotten Proxy Server solved.
Happy Trails whitsunday, and To Your Great Success.............Frank

Thanks for putting that info out. It is good to have good tech service. There are so many bugs out there that can create havoc with your computer! Glad you got it worked out.

Frank, this was well worth sharing with your friends of WA. I found it very interesting, exciting and useful. The exciting part is they spent so much time with you to make sure you were satisfied with the service. I hope they explained that you can Google any question you have and almost always get a very detailed answer to work through the solution. I have needed to do that countless times, and have mastered the art of the question since being here at WA. It's not something I did as well prior to WA. Just thought I'd pass that on to you.
Remember, there is no finish line so enjoy the journey. May the journey be one filled with love, laughter, joy, hope and most importantly, Peace. Peace in the certainty of your decision. donna

DMLesko. I was very happy to share what I thought was a major disaster. Honestly, I, had thoughts of having to buy another computer because I thought it was ruined. I really was impressed at the amount of time George, the "IP guy", spent helping me out. I have to say I half expected a "Service no Service," attitude. And George certainly wanted me to be satisfied, and I am.
He didn't say anything about going to Google to ask questions, but I had told him that I was not able to get out at all on any of my three servers. And I found that you are right. I can ask Google any thing.
I am enjoying the journey, and Ginny ( my wife )and I are doing fine. Ginny is at her mothers for a while because of health issues but we are doing fine, and Ginny's mom is coming along OK.
Happy Trails DMLesko have a Blessed Week..............Frank

I always love your messages. Thanks for taking the time to keep me up to date on your happenings. BTW, saw a little girl dressed like a cowgirl. She looked just like Dale. LOL

Thanks DM. Roy and Dale. Remember them well on the Saturday afternoon matinee along with Buck Rogers.
Happy Trails..................Frank

ALL HAIL THE HELPFUL GEORGE! Seriously though, glad you found someone to help. Some times you also can fix it by checking your antivirus' firewall to make sure it is allowing the sites you are trying to get through to, in.

Thanks Terry. I got this far, I found some one that knew what he was doing. Your are right "George is Gold." You see I could not get out on any browser. The only thing I had was my telephone. And I just happened to think maybe my internet provider could point me in the right direction. George walked me through what I needed to do, wich was simple, really. All you had to do was un-check the box that said you needed a proxy on your LAN line. Well! I didn't know. That is why I can't say enough about being here at Wealthy Affiliate. I know they didn't have anything to do with it. But I came to learn and I am learning.
Happy Trails Terry, have a good week.............Frank

You too. Glad you fixed it

I am glad you got it worked out. Good luck

Thanks Tommy. Running smooth now. Still do not know how my proxy server got changed. George, the IP person, told me maybe one of the viruses affected the server.
Running good now
Happy Trails Tommy, To Your Great Success...........Frank

Glad you were able to get it resolved Frank. :))

The computer in front of you can be a minefield to the uninitiated

Think before you click


Thanks Barry. Right you are. This can be a mine field. And watch these download exec. Most of problems came from viruses piggy -backing on download exec.
Happy Trails Barry, and To Your Great Success.............Frank

Hey Frank,
I'm happy to see that you got your issue resolved. You might want to have your computer looked at by tech just to be sure there isn't anything else on your computer. Proxy Server malware can be a major head ache and difficult to get rid of. Check out this article:

Thank you marquese. I clicked your link and read some of Michael Horowitz's column. Very good information, and I Book-marked his site.
Have a great one marquese, and Happy Trails..........Frank

Hey Frank, I'm glad you got it all resolved. :)

Thanks 777. Finally running smooth now............Frank

Nothing like a smooth sailing day. :)

Those kinds of problems drive me crazy. And they are so time consuming. Glad the internet provider was able to help.

Thanks for the reply Mary from Seattle. I was pulling my hair out. But George was a trooper and really helped me out.
Have good day............Frank

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