What is Financial Freedom?


So everyone talks about Financial Freedom and it is so easy to get confused by this and of course this can mean completely different things to different people!

So What is Financial Freedom?

I believe financial freedom is made up of a number of different aspects and I will explain all my thoughts here... just keep in mind while you read this that I am not an accountant, or a financial advisor.

I am just like you, seeking financial freedom in my own way.

So here we go... here are my personal beliefs on this topic.

Financial Freedom means being debt free

Ok so I am not saying don't get a home loan.. I am talking about credit cards, store cards, personal loans and all those ways that are so easy to get sucked into and then not get out of.

Have you been in debt before? How did that feel?

Well I can answer that question. It is like a having a constant sick feeling, a permanent feeling of slight nausea. A tension headache, trouble falling asleep and then not wanting to get up in the morning.

It feels horrible. When you get yourself stuck in a hole and you can't get out, all you can do is keep taking out more credit to try and get through the here and now.

Does that sounds familiar?

So yes financial freedom to me means being debt free. Yeah have home loan or perhaps vehicle finance IF you can afford it, but don't have other debt!

Financial Freedom means having some money

See now I think this is where things get confusing for people. Does having some money = being stinking rich? No it doesn't. I'm just talking about having enough money to pay your way, yes without resorting to taking out credit.

I once explained how I feel about this to a friend and she loved the analogy. I jsut want to be able to buy a Coke on a hot day without having to do any calculations in my head or counting my coins. I want to be able to think "Geez its hot today, I'm just going to buy a Coke quickly".

Simple, not buying my own island on a whim, I just want to be able to easily afford the odd Coke without worrying, doing calculations or feeling any guilt.

Is that so hard to achieve?

Financial Freedom means having the time to spend my money!

Now this for me is the big one. I enjoy working, in fact I love it so much I think I may have a little problem.

BUT I want to have some money and also have the time and freedom to spend it.

Why is this so important to me? Well what is the point in having money and not being able to enjoy it? Yes I want to have some money saved so when I die it goes to my kids but really I also want to blow a little of it myself.

This means that time is a valuable asset. I don't want to stop working completely but I would like to be able to work less and spend more time enjoying myself!

What will I do with Financial Freedom?

  • spend more time playing with my kids
  • spend more quality time with my husband
  • keep my kids home during school holidays instead of send them to aftercare
  • fetch my kids straight after playschool (school when they are older) instead of them staying in aftercare till 5pm every day
  • take more holidays with my family
  • spend more time outdoors with my family, fresh air is great!
  • spend more time spreading the word about recovery from addiction. I want to visit as many schools as possible and talk to the children. I want to share my story with them and hope it saves one of them going down the dark path I did.
  • be more relaxed and silly, laugh more!
  • spend more time with my parents (they live 400kms away)
  • visit my sister and her son in the UK regularly (I have never been to her, she has visited us yearly for the last 15 years)
  • do more fun things with my kids like make Gingerbread Houses and then eat them!

Have you noticed anything about my Financial Freedom goals?

They have very little to do with money do they? They have to do with having simple fun, being with the people I love, doing the things I am passionate about and finding joy in things.

This is all I really want in life. There are no castles in my dreams, no fancy cars, no designer dresses or diamond jeweler.

Give me my kids and my flip flops every day, let us outside to play in the sun and I will be a happy as can be.

Let's be Practical Too!

Yes I need to buy a house, my car is near its end too.

I want to buy a run down place that my hubby and I can do up ourselves and make our own over time. We want a home, somewhere that we can build memories.

Give me a car that goes from A to B, that is safe and reliable for my kids. I don't need anything flashy.

So what are your dreams, what is it that you really want from life? How will you reach your dreams in 2016?

With me, I will be working my ass off and trust in the fact that it will pay off, that I will very soon be financially free :)

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Hi Lynne!
Honestly, I rarely spend much time reading long blogs as this here in WA community. Yes and again YES, you are absolutely right and all Financial Freedom meaning you highlighted are so familiar. I was almost close to FF some 3-4 years ago doing IM. Unfortunately, that approach led to sad result. Except knowledge I have learned.
Have a Great day and next days too!

Hi Andrel
Remember that everything we go through makes us into the person we are today. Yes you may have lost, but you gained experience and knowledge. I do believe things are exactly how they are supposed to be and that things have a reason for happening.
BUT it must've been such a let down, I don't handle disappointments well :( So I really feel for you, but you can do it!

This is a wonderful post. Financial Freedom is subjective to everyone. The most important part about freedom...for anything...is being able to choose. Unfortunately, with all the progress we have, it comes at a price, and too high of a price, takes away the freedom. I would like to worry what it would be like to have too much money to worry about - but I would just like to be at a point, where I do not worry at all.

Yeah Nichole.... I like that, like having a huge problem deciding where to invest your piles of money heehee. That would be a nice problem now.

Great blog and great comments about how life should be, life is not just about diamonds and gold, a good life is about good moments, financial freedom can give us the freedom to enjoy simple things in life.

Hi Alejandra
Thanks for reading. My views on financial freedom have changed since I had kids!

Love your post and your pics freedom rules !!!!

Thanks Paul :)

Was really great

If you like your flip-flops I recommend this wonderful book: "How to live in flip-flops" from Sandy Gingras. An illustrated book which you can read at bedtime with your kids. I love it. It's a flip-flop philosophy. A lifestyle;-)

Oh nice, a book on living in flip-flips, that is something I think I would love!

You're still practicing the "F... That" meditation?

Though Financial freedom for me is when 'money is no object'. On the other hand, just to be free from 8-8 nightshift job is considered to be one of my freedom to work on. Thanks for sharing Lynne.


It is about finding the balance I think Pio! :)

Thanks for sharing Lynne!

It is a pleasure :)

Good post Lynne. To me financial freedom simply means having a choice.

Yes very much so, thanks for adding your thoughts :)

Financial Freedom for me means having enough money and resources to live a comfortable life. In addition to the basics of food, shelter and clothing, a comfortable life includes good health, a loving family, some good friends, the ability to do things that are rewarding, such as travel and learning. Financial freedom is only part of the picture. Intangibles such as peace, harmony, service, and love are part of true freedom, and many aspects of these are achievable even with little money.

YES very well said there, honestly there are so many factors that come into it and each person's will be different :)

Thanks for shaeing!

Exactly the way I feel and what I is.

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