It is all happening now.

Last Update: July 04, 2016

I can see now how everything I have done over the last year is blossoming.

It has not been easy managing my 3 websites and there have been times when I just wanted to cry with frustration.. oh wait I didn't just want to cry, I have cried! Buckets of tears on many occasions.

I am not a millionaire, not by a long shot. BUT I am seeing sales coming in little bit by little bit all over.

I am making money from:

  • Numerous affiliate programs (Amazon, WA, Jaaxy, Mass Planner, Clixsense... and many others)
  • Google Adsense
  • Youtube videos
  • Mommy Blog reviews and advertising
  • Part time online moderator work at an SEO Marketplace (yes because of the skills I learned here)

Through these multiple streams of income I am making a nice amount of money online. I am not rich, but I am not counting my coppers half way through the month wondering how I will make the last few bucks stretch for another 2 weeks.

I am working less hours than I ever have in my life and making more money than I have ever made in my life.

I am a happier person and I am a better wife and mother for it.

I wrote a post here quite a while back about what Financial Success means to me.

It is not all about money. It is about not having to stress all the time, having enough money to make it through to the end of the month and most importantly, it is about having the time and the freedom to enjoy that money. To spoil my kids and my husband.

Read that post I wrote about Financial Freedom, most of that has come about and I only wrote that in January this year! YAY!

My next goal: Make enough money online and have a very stable income so my husband can quit his (can I swear here?? nope this potty mouth mommy has tried it already) sh****y job!

He works long hours, in a job he hates. He usually leaves before the kids and I wake up and drives in the freezing cold and dark far away to a town 40kms away... he gets home often after supper, occasionally after the kids are in bed so they don't even get to see him.

It just makes me sad now that the kids and I are having such fun... while we are at home baking cupcakes or building sandcastles at the beach in the afternoons he is unhappily grafting away.

If you follow my goals you will see that so far I have gotten what I work for and this is something I want so badly it hurts.

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halinphilly Premium
May you continue on this path to financial freedom until it opens up into a major highway so you and your whole family can drive it together in a really nice car.
LynneHuy Premium
I would rather have an ok car... and LOTS of ice cream :) Hahaha

Thank you!
JudeP Premium
I hope that things go the way you want and your husband can quit his job, all the luck in the world Lynn :)
LynneHuy Premium
Well I am earning almost double what he is now... so we are getting there! I just don't want to do anything rash too soon :) Need to build up a nest egg first for in case of emergencies first!
ChrisScott Premium
I hope and pray that God causes everything you write, to prosper.
Dreamer56 Premium
I am so happy for you Lynne. You worked your behind off and are now finally seeing the results of your efforts. How were the milk shakes?
LynneHuy Premium
They were great, so we had to go twice last week hahaha.

And tomorrow my kids are not going to day care, they are having some friends over for the day... friends whose parents work full time. So on the agenda is
1) Big fry up breakfast
2) Walk on the beach and making sandcastles
3) Baking cupcakes
4) It will be raining in the afternoon, so a movie with blankets, an indoor fire to keep us warm and some popcorn and hot chocolate. Oh and of course eating the cupcakes...

Then on Friday we are going to do a roadtrip... to visit my parents at their farm. They are a 5 hour drive away so we are going to make some cool stops on the way..... unfortunately my hubby can't get any time off to come with us :(

So that is so different to the way our life was.. oh and I'll bring my laptop to work while the kids are out and about mucking around with my parents.

Financial Freedom Rocks!
Dreamer56 Premium
Awesome Lynne I can feel your happiness in your words.
ClareG Premium
Lynne, you are a real inspiration. It's so clear how hard you've worked to get where you are. Battling not only the wide world of the internet, but your inner demons too. You should be very proud of yourself for your achievements! Congratulations!