How to Make Money from Online Blogging


When people find out that I am a blogger they almost always ask me how to make money from online blogging.

Then I watch their faces when I tell them I just write about whatever I want to write about and then I can choose exactly how I want to monetize my blog, from numerous ways.

Usually they can't quite get their head around it.

What I have found the most amazing is that my earnings are really only limited to my creativity and hard work. If I can think up a way to make money with my blog I can try it out and see if it works.

So here are some of the ways that I earn money from online blogging:

Monetizing my Website with Google Adsense

Yes Google pays me when people visit my website. I get paid per view, per click and/or per action depending on the ads that are shown.

Yes you need a lot of visitors to start earning a decent amount through Google Adsense but the thing is that adding some ads onto your website really doesn't take much time and you are already creating the content so you may as well earn when people read it right?

This is real residual income, the more content you create, the more visitors you get, the more you earn... as long as people are visiting your website you will keep earning.

Now you are not just limited to Google Adsense, there are plenty of other alternatives, just Google "Adsense Alternatives" and you will come up with loads of great places to register with, including Amazon Native Ads.

Youtube Income

This is connected to my Google Adsense account, but you can also search online for other Youtube Partners if you are struggling to get an approved Google Adsense account.

I struggled for months with Google rejecting my Google Adsense account over and over again before they suddenly approved me.

Now the the with Youtube videos is that they give you a much wider reach since people can find your Youtube videos on Youtube search and on Google search too.

You can add affiliate links and links to your website in your videos so this means you have a better chance of conversions too!

Plus adding Youtube videos to your blog will also juice up your SEO, so what's not to like?

How to Youtube Yourself to Sucess

Affiliate Income

You can sign up as an affiliate for free with so many websites in your niche. This is like being an independent sales rep for companies and you can then promote their products on your website and when anyone buys from that website using your unique affiliate link you will then earn commission.

Once again, what's not to like?

Sponsored Posts and Paid Reviews

Once you have some visitors to your blog and your online reputation is growing bigger and stronger you will find companies in your niche falling over themselves to have their company or product featured on your website.

You can charge some really good money for sponsored posts and reviews.

Offer Advertising on Your Website

Once you have some traffic on your website you can start selling advertising space in the form of banners!

You can also include other advertising packages including advertising space in newsletters to your email subscribers.

You can also charge them for sharing content on social networks.

Sign Up with Online Influencer Platforms

Join online influencer platforms such as Webfluential

and connect your websites and social networks so that companies needing to be seen online can contact you and place orders for you to get their name out there.

There is good money in this.

Join Online Marketplaces and Sell Services

Sign up to online marketplaces like SeoClerks and Fiverr and publish some services such as publishing guest posts on your website or offer advertising to companies in your niche.

I'm busy selling guest posts on my websites on Fiverr like candy to kids!

Create Digital Products and Sell Them

Write an ebook and put it up for sale on your website and also add it to the marketplaces you join. This not only brings in more income, it also increases your authority having an ebook with your name as the author.

Get Creative and Make Bucks

Ok so here is where I have loads of fun.

Here are two examples of ways I have earned extra income on my mommy blog. I run a baby competition and the moms go crazy with voting for their babies via sms.

I earn about 1.3 of all the money from the sms's that come in. So far this month I have already earned about $300 just from sms income!

Then something I did in the past which I am about to revive is to run a Mommy Weight Loss Challenge.

Each mom will need to pay to enter and then they will receive emails each week with their menus, the exercises they need to be doing, awesome recipes and all cool stuff...

Of course this is all set up via an email newsletter series so once it is all set up nothing much needs to be done and it can be used over and over again forever!

Here is some info on Getting Started with Email Marketing

So yes, those are some of my suggestions for making money from online blogging. Once again you are only limited to how much work you are prepared to put in, your creativity and your willingness to try something new and put yourself out there.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any more suggestions add them in for anyone that reads this :)

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This is good, thanks for this.

You are so creative. Your brain must always be on overdrive. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Pretty much always in overdrive yes LOL but I just love this!

Great post, Lynne. I will have to investigate the SMS angle. Never knew you could make money that way.

Thanks for sharing it.


Yeah I'm killing it with that :)

I've also gotten denied from Adsense a couple of times. I took some hard work on my websites for me to get approved.
I put my travel videos on youtube and have them embedded in my blog. My youtube account is also connected to my AdSense account. hopefully, my videos will get more views!

They will with time, make sure you are SEO'ing your Youtube videos properly :)

I have given that info in this training here:

thanks, i will check out the training

Brilliant ideas Lynne, thanks you so much for sharing them :)

Great, thank you Lynne

Dayumm, Lynne, this is fantastic. I'm definitely putting a glod star next to this post!


Another great post Lynne. Many thanks.

Useful information thanks.

Awesome. I like this. But how do I get started. I already created a website but don't know how to monetise it. The more I read on the net on this, the more confused I become. Kindly assist

William you have just joined in January right? There is plenty of time to monetize your website :) The most important thing for you right now is to follow all Kyle's training and keep adding new content. Before you can make money you need visitors to your website and to get visitors you need content :)

The time will come to monetize your website and once you have been blogging for a while it will all become clearer to you.

I know you must be so keen to make money, but there is no quick fix to making money online, it is a slow process that takes time and hard work.

It will come, but you need to follow all the steps that Kyle sets out first.

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