3 Perks Of Publishing Guest Posts On Your Websites

Last Update: Mar 30, 2018

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Something I started about 18 months ago is posting guest posts on my website and it has really helped me to grow my business in a big way.

Here are three awesome benefits of publishing guest posts on my websites that I love:

1. Extra Income

Yes I charge people an admin fee for taking the time to publish guest posts on my websites. I get loads of enquiries daily and I have found that the more I charge to publish guest posts the higher the quality of the articles that are submitted. I currently charge $25 to publish guest posts on my website while I am building up my brand. One day I will be able to charge a small fortune!

I'm not sure about you but I love extra money and I can see that offering this service on my websites will at some stage turn into a very lucrative income stream!

2. Easy Extra Content

I'm not sure about you, but I sometimes get tired of writing day in, day out. Getting an awesome guest post in means that I don't have to worry about writing for that day. Bonus right?

Getting in guest posts means that I get in a regular stream of fresh content in on a regular basis.

Copy, paste, monetize - YAY!

3. New Angles

I have learned new things about my audience and what they enjoy from the guest posts that have been submitted to me. I have to be honest there have been times when I have been a bit dubious and unsure about accepting certain guest posts from people.

I've looked at the article and thought hey this is not interesting at all and I don't want to post things on my websites that my readers find boring. However I have taken the plunge and I am learning so much from the reactions to these guest posts.

A good example of this are guest posts sharing cleaning tips. I detest cleaning and I certainly don't want to read about how to clean my house. Here's my cleaning tip - make lots of money and hire a maid LOL.

However I accepted my first post sharing cleaning tips a while back and my audience LOVED it and every single post about cleaning is devoured by my readers.

I never would have considered writing about cleaning on my website - I have only learned it is a hot topic through guest posts.

I am loving having guest posts feature on my blog - it comes with so many benefits!

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Great idea, but where do you find the writers?

The trick is to start getting in some guest posts in the beginning and once that started the flood gates opened and I don't have to find anyone anymore they find me. I did struggle to get it started though. I actually put gigs up on Fiverr to publish guest posts on my website and that really took off nicely for me and got everything started.
There are also groups on Facebook and Google Plus for guest post opportunities where you can let people know you are accepting guest posts :)

Sounds good. Thank you.

Thais very interesting. I am really learning a lot from your posts, Lynne.

Forever Grateful

Do they find you or you look for them, I mean the other bloggers? I'm a newbie and quite curious how it works.

They find me now. I spent a long time trying to get people to guest post for me but now I have people contacting me regularly :) When I share on social media I hashtag it #guestpost which helps a lot. So the more guest posts I get the more "advertising" it is for me.

Cool post, Lynne. And so true, I've also learnt a lot from my guest posts and am always interested to see which ones receive organic comments. Quick question for you, would you accept a guest post with 10 links in the body of the content (plus another 5 links in the bio). I've asked them to scale back on the links and get back to me.

Hi Lauren

No, not a chance! My guest post guidelines state 1 link with relevant anchor text within the content and 1 link in the bio. I am not hard and fast with that rule, I have had guest posters request 2-3 links in the article and I have allowed it but that is ridiculous and will damage your website. Keep in mind that if the guest poster is trying that with you he is not a real blogger but an seo freelancer and he is being paid for each link. Don't let guest posters "link farm" your website!

Thanks, Lynne. All sorted, he removed all the links except his.

Perfect - and yes sometimes I have guest posters wanting to add a bunch of authority links, but I add my own.

I am thinking this is for down the road once I start getting traffic?

Not necessarily Gillian - this is for when your domain authority increases :) You don't really need any traffic - people want get guest posts to build backlinks to their websites. As long as your niche is relevant and you have a website with a domain authority of maybe say 10+ people will start being interested. I sell guest posts on 3 of my websites, my main business is DA26 and then I have DA18 and DA15 :)

How do I know what my DA is? Sounds like an awesome idea!

Your domain authority (DA) is probably 1 if you started your website when you joined in March and as your website ages and as you add new content and get traffic it will go up. You can check your domain authority in a number of places including smallseotools.com - I use their tool here: https://smallseotools.com/domain-authority-checker/

Good Morning Lynne :) Thank you. It is all starting to come together.

Thank you for sharing this, it is something I have been considering for a while as Whilst I love writing, I cannot keep up with the pace for too much longer and get all the other things done that need my attention on my website.
With Grace and Gratitude

Great initiative. Well done

I love your cleaning tip - make lots of money and hire a maid LOL... Best tip I've heard in ages :)

Yes but my tip is not 1000+ words LOL

LOL...I assumed it's not :)

This is a wonderful post! I love all of your posts, they are so helpful. I'm not very popular on the web right now, like, at all, but this is something that I will be incorporating sooner or later.

When would you suggest or when did you start with guest posting?

Thank you so much and take care.

It doesn't matter if you are popular or not, the people that are interested in getting guest posts are not usually doing it for exposure to your audience :) They are usually looking for a backlink to their website!

Funny thing is that I was begging people to send me guest posts 2 years ago and I got one or two in... but it was a strain and not worth the effort I put in.

Then I added a guest post gig to Fiverr and I was on my way! It was crazy busy and I start selling that gig like hotcakes. I put a price on it and the guest posts came flying in. Go figure right?

Brilliant post, with some great tips, some of which I might nick :)

Nick away that is why I share it :) I hope something here helps you to grow your business!

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