3 Months at Wealthy Affiliate


Hi Everyone

Wow, time flies and it is time for another update. I am 2 days short of 3 months here at Wealthy Affiliate and I am still loving the journey.

I want to once again say thank you to everyone in this amazing community. The support and advice I have received is mind-blowing to say the least.

So what have I been up to in the last month?

Firstly getting my health back, if you read my past posts you will see it was just a little bittie rough for a while :)

I am now back on track with getting content up on my make money online website. I have made some huge changes too. It seems I got a little confused with pages and paosts while setting up and then had to change a whole stack of pages to posts.

I have been focusing on getting new content up and getting it ranked (yes by asking for lots of comments...hard work). My ranking are moving up nicely now and my organic visitors have doubled in the last month. Yeah only 68 organic visitors in September but even though the month is only 2/3 through that is double what I had in August so I am pretty chuffed.

I have 4 page 1 ranking keywords which is great! The rest of my keywords are mostly page 2 and 3 with a few ranked in other pages. All of my content is ranking, which has me very excited. Except the the newest posts which I am waiting to be indexed all my content ranks which is making me happy happy.

So what do I want now? Umm well what we all want, I want MONEY! And unfortunately I have none of that yet. Yes you heard me, 3 months in and nothing yet.

This doesn't mean I am giving up, it means I am so close I can smell it.... I will be working harder than ever. If my organic visitors double each month ... hmm lets see. I estimate say 100 organic visitors end of September? 200 for October, 400 for November and 800 for December?

Yeah that could work for me.... I know I can do this.

One of the keywords I am ranking at no 16 (page 2) should give me 27 782 hits a month according to Jaaxy..... If I can just get that keyword on page 1 I will be hopping, skipping and jumping for joy (hopefully all the way to the bank??)!

To everyone else here that is plodding along keep going. I am sure that next month I will be sharing some f'ing awesome stuff with you and I can't wait for that! I can't wait to show that this really works and to provide inspiration and guidance to everyone else.

To those awesome people that gave of your time to give me feedback on my website during the course of this month, thank you so much it really means the world to me! (You know who you are).

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Hi Lynne Great post looks like things are starting to roll . I am sure the money wont be much further down the track .

Thanks Alexander, I am feeling so positive now!

Good on you and all the best.

Lynn, let me tell you my story 3 months in WA. I wrote about 10 blogs/posts, then I made my first $8.00. By then I knew I was on to something. You are at that point now. Your money is coming. Can you duplicate it? Absolutely, why? Because, now you will know how you did it. It's coming, congratulations!

Thanks Ricardo, that is what I needed to hear :)

I enjoyed your post. I wish you continued success.

Thank you Ron, to you too!

Thank you Lynne for sharing your 3 month journey with WA


A great, honest post. Thank you!
Keep going :-)

Thank you :) I will be!

Lynn - you are a month ahead of me. Great progress under adversity. I am very much finding what I don't know that I don' know ~ but enjoying the journey. I am emboldened where previously I had been a dabbler (not too successful). Now I have met you, and on the other side of the world. Got to be major progress. Larry
Attached vid is part of my new boldness. It worked excellently in my email efforts.

Great job Lynn! I am 6 months in an. Have yet to make any money. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I missed something along the way, but I'm not giving up (the thought has crossed my mind). I also have young kids (6 and 8). I was working full time but it wasn't good for my sanity or for my family. Nobody was happy. I am really hoping to make this work. I don't need to make millions. $2000-3000 a month would be great. At this point I would be happy with $100 a month. Hahaha. I only have one website. I saw in the comments that you have 4. I have no idea how you do it.

LOL with great difficulty, late nights and insanity.... Tanja if you think you have missed something make use of the community. Ask for help, contact the oldies and ask them personally to go and look at your website and give you feedback, see what you can change.
Don't take failure or nothing happening for an answer. Yes maybe you aren't making money yet but are you succeeding in other areas like website trust, keyword rankings, organic traffic.... if that is all moving forwards carry on. If that is not improving then something needs to change, Don't quit, find out what needs to change and just change it.

There is reason this community is so successful and why this works. It is because you are not alone :)

Thanks Lynne, I think I need to ask for someone with experience to take a look at my site. I feel I am doing what I should be doing, following all the training, but I still do not get many visitors.

Yes you do! I am still learning myself and I will be happy to look at your website for you.

I would ask a number of people to look at your website. Starting with Kyle of course, and then ask:

They are brilliant!

Ask them to be brutally honest, don't worry about Eddy, he will be lol.

See the problem I have found with some people about feedback is they just tell me ooh nice site, carry on... umm that is not what I want to hear. I want to know what is wrong, what can I improve. Rip it apart and tell me what stinks. Cos something stinks right? And that is why things are not working. Tell me so I can change it and get those hits. Being nice doesn't help really! I don't want to feel nice about my website, I want MONEY!

Then look at those visitors you do get. How many visitors do you get? How many are organic and how long do they stay on your website, how many pages do they look at? Are they increasing every month? What keywords are they typing into Google to find you? How can you make use of the keywords you are already ranking for?

Do you know how to find this info on Google Analytics?

Sending you a PM!

Great! I'll catch up with you later... just going to fetch my kids from creche :)
Then as you know it will be chaos here till after 8pm at least.

I completely understand. No rush!

Sent you a long PM :) Something for you to work on in the meantime! Try get that info to me and then we can start fixing your rankings.

Best wishes for good health and continuing success

Thank you!

Good work! And I can't wait to hear about your successes. Keep us posted. I am just behind, but with no where near a page 2 ranking. so thats pretty great! Well done. You are doing something right!

Oh that would be great. I have 14 posts and 9 pages. and at most 4 comments on some pages, sometimes only 1 on others. In fact you did one for me the other day! Be great to see where you are at!

:) How much content have you added? It is not always about time.... I'll just check some of my stats quickly to give you an idea of where I am.

OK so here is a screenshot of my website stats, I have 6 pages, 31 posts and 798 comments (which half of course are me replying to others)....
This takes hard work but it works. Try and get up at least 3 posts a week and get comments on them. Put time aside to post on other people's websites in the give and take thread and them post your content there for return comments and make use of the site comments feature.

Oh fantastic tip, I had no idea it was that important.! Wow, that is alot of comments, and you have alot more posts than me. You must be working really hard!. Well done!

Pleasure :) Allocate more time to comments! What I would do is check all your keyword rankings in Jaaxy. I do this every Monday. Then the keywords that are on page 2 or the highest ranking I spend time getting comments on those to get them higher.... then when one hits page one I move to the next highest keyword so don't focus on all your posts. One by one work on a keyword and try and rank it. Then also when you comment on someone else's blog in the site comment thread try and use that keyword you are focusing on in your comment. BUT make sure you comment is relevant to the person's post! And make it a good quality comment that is helpful for their website. This will help a bit with your keyword ranking.

I see your one website is for baby prams? How about this... I have an online baby store in south africa and I blog on that website, but it is not hosted here... might get there one day LOL. I have few very comments on my posts there.

Feel free to post comments on that blog about baby prams just like I said keep it relevant. It will be easy on that blog because everything is about baby's lol. For eg if you comment on something I wrote about toddler tantrums you could say "when I was taking my boy for a stroll in his whatever brand pram he suddenly went ape s**t and blah di blah di blah"
This type of blog commenting is good for your website....

I always add my keywords in somewhere when I commenting on other people's posts. It is a win win! Just don't keyword stuff or it will firstly not be approved and secondly it just looks terrible.


Let me know if you need more help?

oh thats great information, I didn't know any of that! Thanks Lynne, I'll probably ask you more a bit later, right now, I have some commenting to do! Thanks again!

Its called working my tits off hahaha. Can I say tits here?
LOL I have 4 websites and I read your profile. I also don't want a dull 9-5 job that earns me hardly anything. My kids are 2 yrs old and 4 yrs old. I want to be able to work in the morning when they are at school and pick them up myself and play with them all afternoon, do homework with them, take them overseas on holidays and one day send them to the best university.... and of course leave behind a legacy for them!
That is what I am working for... not for today or tomorrow. I am working for my children's lives! I am sure that is the same for you :)

hahahaa... not sure I can give much advice other than Buckle Up, it will be a rough ride :)

No problem :) Contact me any time if you need some guidance or tips. Happy to help!

Yes absolutely, its the same for me! I want all those things too. Mine are 1 and 4, so not much different to you. I might need some of that toddler tantrum information soon!

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